Fort Lauderdale Commission Candidates’ Presidential Picks !

     Obama or McCain, that’s the choice!


     And the candidates that are running for the Fort Lauderdale Mayor and Commissioners’ seats have to make that choice in November just as you and I will !

     I asked them all recently who they are supporting for President. One thing was a constant. Most preferred not to answer the question at all! And didn’t!
      You see, city races are non-partisan. That means that the candidates don’t declare their party affiliation. And the candidates knew that answering the question might hurt them with one party or the other. 

     But this Presidential election is an incredibly important one, and who our local leaders support seems important and germane. So I was persistent, and most of them gave me at least some sort of answer. Quite a few dodged me altogether. If more replies come in, I’ll update this blog post. Here are the results so far!

Mayoral Race 

Steve Rossi – no reply

Earl Rynerson
“I don’t like either one of them and I think it’s a stupid question to ask in a non-partisan race”

Jack Seiler
– “I am supporting the Obama-Biden ticket.  Senator Obama is a dynamic speaker who will hopefully enhance our image around the globe, instill some hope and optimism here at home, and energize our country (especially our youth).  Although Senator Obama lacks experience, I feel strongly that Senator Biden provides the necessary experience, veteran leadership, and foreign policy expertise.  Together, they make a pretty good team.


I will also add this: we do not need to knock down Senator McCain to elevate Senator Obama.  Although I support the Obama-Biden ticket, we need to recognize that John McCain is a decorated war hero, a distinguished veteran, a hard working public servant, and a well respected Senator.  Senator McCain has served our country well, he has earned our respect, and he deserves our gratitude. 


In closing, the Obama-Biden ticket offers a greater chance for positive change, meaningful reform, and much needed relief for our middle class and working families.”  


Dean Trantalis
” I believe Barack Obama and a Democratic administration is our only hope for renewal and optimism. We don’t need four more years of the same failed policies that have brought us economic ruin, international disdain, and a darkened pall that burdens our spirit. It’s time to move on.”

District One

Inger Garcia – “I am still investigating my vote

Bruce Roberts – “I only wish the Fort Lauderdale City Commission could have such influence and sway in the Presidential election and Washington D.C.. Seriously though, I believe it is much more effective and efficient to keep our city elections non-partisan. Non-partisan means we work for the good of all people regardless of political beliefs or party affiliation. Non partisan avoids polarization and promotes clear and objective reasoning. Thanks for asking, but I’ll just keep my presidential voting to myself.

 Christine Teel – no reply

District Two

Howard Elfman “Not commenting on this one. I have my own race to concern with”

Steve Glassman
“When I look at the two Presidential candidates, I see the past and the future. I also see a failed power structure that has not performed for the citizens of the United States. What is worse, I have seen no attempt to bring this richly diverse country together at a time when people are really hurting. That is why I am for Barack Obama – “Change We Can Believe In”.

Charlotte Rodstrom – “That’s a personal question”

District Three

Bobby Dubose – “Obama”

*I was unable to contact the other District Three candidates”

District Four

Jim Lewis
– no reply

Coleman Prewitt ” I am concerned that stating preferences in the Presidential race might not provide the information the voters want. The issues that define the parties at the national level are not necessarily the issues we face on a municipal level. While one might support a Democrat in the national election, such person could still be a supporter of fiscal restraint, government efficiencies and law enforcement on the local level. It seems the national labels don’t provide the same level of information in our local races. This might certainly be the reason that our races are wisely non-partisan.

Romney Rogers – no reply




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