In case you forgot, I am in the middle of a run-off for Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner….





And the  one thing that I have been reminded of about politics  is the Latin root of the word –   …………….   POLI …… meaning many, ………..  and ……………. TICS ……  meaning blood sucking insects !!


Yes, it can be a rough and tumble business, this politics, here is just one example … The signs you see littered about for we candidates are not cheap ( about 4 bucks each) so when I realized that at least half of the 400 signs I’ve purchased had been stolen, I had to think of something !




Goop …!      ……This sign ( all my signs only go on private property, with the permission of the owner), has seldom lasted a week, so I brought out the good old  goop,….





I glued it six ways from Sunday, and finally to the iron pole beside it  🙂

It will probably be gone tomorrow ……….

PS   …. Please send me some money so I can buy more signs 🙂


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Paid for and approved by the Tim Smith for Fort Lauderdale Commissioner campaign

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  1. I heard about this alot.Many canidates faced rhe same episodes.Where someone knocks the sign down.Takes it or vandalized it.Catch who whom is doing this and you can have them arrested.I mean thats not right to destroy these political signs.So here we go.Like i stated from the start.Your race and the mayoral race goes to March.Will see..

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