Fort Lauderdale High School Protest !



…….I went over to Fort Lauderdale High School this morning when I heard that the students were protesting the backward gun laws that allowed a mentally troubled young person to buy a military type assault weapon.

The murderer couldn’t legally buy a beer at 7-eleven, but in twenty minutes, bought a semi automatic weapon that killed seventeen kids in three minutes !




So I was encouraged by this show of civic conscience from our young people, and went over to thank them for standing up and being counted!




Some students worried that they might get in trouble, so I walked over and talked to the principal (pictured behind me to the right), and she seemed OK by the protest….


…….  The young people were intense, sincere, truly worried for their world –




Let’s hope this senseless tragedy actually changes things ……


…………………….  Tim


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5 Replies to “Fort Lauderdale High School Protest !”

  1. We did get change today, Tim. Fort Lauderdale had two victories today. First, the Mayor was able to respectfully get the Gun Show to withdraw from their next date at the War Memorial Auditorium. I can not imagine the pain of having a gun show here in March. It’s a temporary reprieve, but I’ll take it. Secondly, tonight the City Commission passed a resolution limiting the sale of semi automatic weapons and many high capacity guns to adults over 21. These student protests over gun control are having an impact. My hats off to these brave young men and women.

  2. Commissioner Tim Smith has brought cultural events to Fort Lauderdale Public Spaces for over a decade to replace things like the Gun Shows. Only now are others getting aboard what he has been doing.
    Supporting the Youth Lead anti-Gun Violence Initiative follows in that tradition.

  3. I don.t blame these students one bit.In fact and i think Sheriff Israel would agree that every high school in Broward, no across the State.-A walk out.No student steps foot in a classroom until Gov.Scott recongnizes the serious need for gun control.No more walkin in sone Red Neck gun shop and buying a Ak-47.Ar 15 bs.No more.You wsnt to kill deer than u get a musket.No Tim these students want change.By Jesus they are going to get change.Sheriff Israel u r doing an amazing job..Tell Pres.Trump from Robert Walsh that i don.t trust a man who cheats on his wife.Huh to those that even remotely know me.Support these students residents…

  4. Speaking of your election Tim maybe next debate u could recommend the notion of getting rid of your PAC and Steve Glassmans.I was not aware he has one to.The claim is Steve is utilizing the same PAC co. as Deans.This one i don.t know.Is this correct that Trantalis and Glassman hired the same PAc.Those in the know-who is the PAC that is being recited to me that both Trantalis and Glassman are using???.One would say its a.mute point since u Tim initiated, and hired PAC first.Some type of explanation is warranted.

  5. Made mistake Tim my apologies.You don.t hire PACs.They are established on your behalf to prevail.Yes you have supporters that do hiring so to speak for you.I misquoted(reference apology).However im hearing PACs started with u first and u broke your pledge of 25 dollar donations.So i sand bag no one please make notation to explain.Anyhow Tim i have been getting the 411 on the diddler guy that Dean stated no court date.innocent to proven guilty( after someone allegedly cuts his balls off).Oh he states(dean).Didn.t know the guy(wait) would hardly support him in reference to not shit canning him was discovery was presented.Yes what he stated to reporter.And that knew nothing about the guy.Ok.Hold on why am i getting a premamission rhat you gave the diddler a job reference.I hope im wrong.So difficult as the task is is like finding a needle in a haystack,but make no mistake i.ll find out.Who knows.Other than that issue i think Dean is a force to be reckoned.However, no task is to big for Robert(huh Bern).

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