Neighborhood President About to Explode!

     Sal Gatanio, President of the South Middle River Civic Association is MAD MAD MAD! 

                                Gatanio, when smiling

South Middle River has more crime (5th in per capita) than any neighborhood in the City. Last night, there was another disturbance in his neighborhood, and what follows is Sal’s e-mail to one of the residents that lives near the disturbance.

     Here is Sal’s text from last evening

     2 cops arrived and did nothing.

     I was there, they drove by and I asked for a call back and nothing. As a matter of fact I got photos of the people who were with the guy that pulled a gun on me and still no call back.
     The group of women hanging out at the house across from you by nw 11 st told me clearly to go Fuck myself while police cars were behind me. Still no call back from the police.
     To top it off I am blasting on facebook and our website a video of one of the riots that took place directly there. Maybe our mayor and city manager are waiting for one of the innocent people to get shot. Can’t be any other reason for the city to ignore this community.

     Nick, it is clear now that we cannot depend on the mayor we elected to give one damn about South Middle River. It is clear the city manager will not put any money towards us. The mayor asked me to talk to Lee Feldman to help clean up the trash all along nw 11 st from Nw 4ave to Nw 3 ave. Excuses about the city having to foot the bill so now since my bike ride with Jack 13 weeks ago, the trash still sits there, the guns are flying free and the third world country lives and breaths is south middle river.
     I will walk by and if I get shot or beaten from these violent animals, well at least our mayor and city manager will have one less person to worry about. Apologies for my grammar as I am in the car and at an absolute shock at the neglect from the police and city management. One can only come to the conclusion that the city has given direct orders to let South Middle River rot in hell.
     I especially apologise that I have been pushed to thiis point as no citizen in our city deserves this. I extend my sympathy to you Nick for having to live next door to a bunch of criminals that our city cannot control. You have a wonderful home and I ask you to lock your doors and if you have any weapons to protect yourself, use them cautiosly.

     I’ll keep you informed…. 

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