Vote NO on City Amendment !

     We will ALL vote in  just two weeks! Right?

     Probably most importantly, we will decide if President Obama, or former Governor Romney,  should serve as our President for the next four years………


                      But we will also vote on things that are important  …..

                                    only to us in  …  Fort Lauderdale!

                                                  Mayor and Commishes

     On your ballot, you will see an amendment to the Fort Lauderdale Charter. It will ask if you want to change the City’s Charter ( Constitution) to allow for a change in the way we elect our Mayor and Commissioners.

     Vote against it!  ….. 

     The problem with this amendment is that it extends the amount of years that the  Fort Lauderdale Mayors and Commissioners can stay on the Commission!

      Now, the Mayor and Commissioners can serve for 9 years, and that’s enough!


     If the Amendment passes, Mayors and Commissioners will be able to serve 12 years!

     Just Vote No !





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