To Be Or Not To Be …..


The rules for the special District II City Commissioner election (Rodstrom seat)  is on the City Commission agenda tomorrow.

      Controversy proceeds tomorrow’s discussion.

      Former beach area President (and former Commission candidate)  Steve Glassman, has sent out an e-mail to  District II leaders,( and the City Commission), complaining about the months that the District II seat will remain empty, making District II residents unrepresented on the City Commission. Others have been commenting on Glassman’s e-mail (below) all weekend.



         Dear District II Neighborhood Presidents, Activists, and Neighbors-

      Attached you will find a memorandum from the City Attorney to the Mayor and Commission for discussion at this Tuesday’s Conference meeting (BUS 6).  Without assigning blame and going through a long litany of “would have, could have, should have,” the bottom line is that we, the residents of District II, are facing four months with no representation on the Commission dais.  I find this to be unacceptable, and I hope you do, too.  Four months is a long time: at least 16 Commission meetings, workshops, daily issues facing each neighborhood, crime, development projects, and on and on. 

      The Charter requires the special election(s) because of the time served thus far in the term, but does it actually preclude the Commission from placing an interim person in the seat until the election?  Isn’t there some way to guarantee that the large number of taxpaying citizens (and this district pays quite a bit of taxes!) have a voice in the decision-making and that there is a point person looking out for our interests?  Who would residents call?  (One would assume, and fairness to all of the candidates dictates, that once the Commissioner steps down on November 19, then the Commission aide must step down as well.)

      If you find this situation troubling, please take a moment to contact the Mayor and Commission ( I have copied them on this as well) before Tuesday and express yourself.  Also, I apologize if I omitted anyone on this distribution list; hopefully, the presidents can share this with your boards and neighbors.

      Thank you for taking the time to consider this; enjoy your weekend.

                                   Steve Glassman

Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom didn’t take kindly to Glassman’s e-mail

     First of all Mr. Glassman’s email is inaccurate in so many ways. He obviously has not read or understands the charter.

     I feel confident that the District 2 citizens will be represented well by the Mayor and my colleagues, city staff, the manager and the hundreds of employees that serve them everyday and who will continue to do so. I have out reached to the district leadership and they understand that I will continue to advocate on their behalf. I will be working to ensure the shortest possible time frame.

     Perhaps his email was a reaction to the item on the agenda Tuesday. I hope that gives you a little more perspective.

Thank you

       Glassman and Rodstrom used to be friendly.

              now-a-days? …not so much!

     Some District II leaders have sent e-mails mostly supporting Glassman’s opinion.

     And, all the other candidates in the District II race weighed in on Glassman’s concerns.
    Dean Trantalis – “if Charlotte had made her resignation take effect 13 days earlier, we would not be having this discussion, nor would the City be saddled with a potential expense of over $200,000.

     Chuck Black
– “the Commission can and should defer all significant items [affecting District II] until a time that the seat is filled”.

     Robert Walsh
– “I absolutely agree with Steve Glassman.”

    Even local irritant Charlie King jumped in the debate. 

    King is a strong supporter of Rodstrom,(and Newt Gingrich), and took Glassman to task on Glassman’s estimate of four months of no representation for District II. 

    Glassman pointed out in a return e-mail that the general election for the seat will take place in March, four months from now. 

          I’ll keep you informed!  … Tim


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