Million Dollar Dump

     Your tax dollars are about to pay a million dollars for this dump!


     The property sits on Dixie Highway in Middle River Terrace. The City of Fort Lauderdale will own it, but Broward County is paying the tab through the old Land Preservation Bond. The City will have to develop it according to that programs’ rules.

     The Land Preservation Bond monies were expended long ago, but this property never closed, due to the arsenic poisoning found in the soil around the property !


     No one is sure where the arsenic came from.
     This can in the back yard of the property is clearly marked Waste, but the mystery of the arsenic poisoning often points to an old plant nursery (fertilizer and insecticides) that was on the land and on the land of the adjacent Middle River Terrace Park land years ago, but the park land was tested when the park was developed in the late 1990’s and came up clean.

     The City says that they will make the owner remove the arsenic before they take ownership of the million dollar baby, but word on the street is that the Countyy may actually let the owner leave the slab of the house ( and any arsenic that resides beneath!)

     To be fair, this City Commission didn’t strike this bad deal, but they may be the ones left to mop it up!

                                          code actions are often taped to the building

     The house has sat abandoned and poorly maintained for years. There are 10 different Code Enforcement cases on the City’s website, with titles like open and abandoned, nuisance property,  lot clearing,  broken windows, broken fencing, and overgrowth.

     The Broward County Property Appraiser assesses the value of the property at $293,010, ( I suppose the arsenic is thrown in for nothing!)

    In my opinion, it’s clear that this property is not worth a million bucks. Some officials say that the deal was struck long ago when it was worth it, but it seems to me it’s time for a new deal!

     Maybe self proclaimed fiscal watchdog Earl Rynerson should sink his teeth into this real boondoggle!

     Here are some e-mail addresses you could send a  note off to if you agree that this is not money well spent!

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