Wanna Windmill ?

     So you say you want a windmill?  You like the idea of cheaper electricity?

      And you live in Fort Lauderdale?

                                ….. that white twisted thing on the roof is a windmill

        The jury is still out on whether or not you can have one.  The windmill pictured above is on a roof off of SE 16th Street in Fort Lauderdale.

       You see, that windmill 
had to be approved by the Board of Adjustment ( that’s getting a variance), because the law in Fort Lauderdale doesn’t allow them now.

      Another request for a windmill from the BOA was turned down a few years back, and a new one, asking for 14 windmills at 505 Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard was recently tabled by the BOA.

     “We need Commission input”, says Caldwell Cooper, a BOA member. “What’s the Vision for windmills here? There really needs to be a City policy”, Cooper added.

     Sure enough, said the City Commission, as they  sent the item off to the Utility Advisory committee for their opinion.

     Cooper says the 14 windmill request comes back before his committee next month, and he hopes to get some direction from the policy makers by then.


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