Mayoral Hopeful Charlotte’s Kick-off

The invitation arrived in the mail.




…. Pretty snazzy  …… A kick-off event ( billed as a friendraiser, not a fundraiser) at the wonderful, historic Bonnett House on the beach ……  I couldn’t stay away !




…. The Bonnett House is as cool as ever, and as I walked up the entrance, Charlotte’s sign guided me in to her soiree ! …

….. The event was a pleasant one, though not all that well attended. I’m guessing there were 30 or 40 people there, I expected more ….But I will say that those 30 or 40 seemed like pretty strong Charlotte supporters – people like –



…former Victoria Park President Thornie Jarrett (seen here chatting with Charlotte’s son and Charlotte’s new granddaughter!)… – and



Miranda Lopez (on the right), a big slow growth/open space advocate) …. and




Rob Larsen, Flagler Village President  ….


… …………………..  Main gadfly Charlie King was there, trashing Mayor Seiler, Commissioner Roberts etc.,  as was District I malcontent Mary Graham …. picture below with Charlotte’s husband John Rodstrom – 




Charlotte was introduced to speak by John   …..




….and she took to the microphone to give a short talk about why she was running for Mayor, how she intended to walk door to door and meet all the voters, and how she was disappointed with the City budget and overdevelopment  …..


………….  charfar1


……all in all a nice event…


8 Replies to “Mayoral Hopeful Charlotte’s Kick-off”

  1. Mrs. Rodstrom states she is not happy w/ current budget etc. I agree. As far as bashing, insulting other people, like some where doing, not my approach. keep Mayor Seiler out of discussion. Stick to issues. I am very happy she is running . I look forward to joining her and Bruce Roberts in future once my voting status changes. I envy her as well. Nice platform , I wish her well. as far as issues I would have stated I am sick and tired how are police are treated esp. by some of you in attendance. Police derserve raise. New hires should be paid more. pay should be going up not down Mr.feldman. Also sanitary nuisance suit against these bath house(if I got to tatt you, I will.) We will file suit, these pig pens will pay. No more spreading HIV, sypliis etc to every Tom, Dick, or Harry. No more. Sin tax all these nude dancers, adult ent. staff you will submit to screening, and also pay a register fee(sin tax). Traffic big concern. Bring back beach parking on side streets. Also bridges stay down in rush hours Mon-Fri. Also we need to change gov’t , Strong mayor, send Mr.feldman packing… We can do this. Best of like Char, Bruce. Robert is coming and not a minute to soon.Look who is” coming to dinner “, I feel like Sidney Poiter, and i.m not even Black. Set an extra plate guys……..Lastly black lives matter, so don’t blue……

    1. Mr. Walsh, thank you for the kind and supportive words about FLPD Officer. Most citizens are not aware FLPD retirees have not had a COLA in 15 yrs. The officers and firefighters contribute 7% of salary to their pension, unlike those persons in the FL Retirement System (FRS) who have never contributed any money to their own pension and are guaranteed a 3% COLA every single year.
      During that 15 year period FLPD & FLFD have seen their earnings dollars decrease by 40% while those retirees in the State retirement system have seen a 45% increase in their pension checks.
      Please contact the Mayor, Commissioners & City Manager. Again thanks for your support. Tom

    2. Hi Mr. Walsh, First, I do indeed agree, Mrs. Rodstrom is one candidate who’s stance on many issues I am curious about and happy she is running. I am also an activist and one of the 12 activist arrested at a peaceful protest on May 20th in West Palm Beach. While I agree, FLPD has not been accused of murder that is running rampant in our country right now. There is too much aggression between the people and the law, as was the case in Palm Beach County and Corey Jones. I have nothing negative to say about our police. I am with a group called Anonymous and 8 of us were arrested, One Black Lives Matter activist and two reporters, one of which is a Palm Beach Post reporter Mr. George Bennett. I believe instead of arming our police force to the teeth with more weapons there should be National Law Enforcement Reform, and stop all these killings and hold those accountable of these injustices. Their jobs are stressful and there has got to be a better way for them to address this aggression, other than the continued deaths happening nation wide. Here is the article from the Palm Beach Post. I have court now in Palm Beach June 14, and will never be ashamed of standing up to injustice. We need a mayor that will work with the people and I have seen her do this in the past.

  2. Commissioner Rodstom will get the 35% White white wine & domestic cheese radical un-chic vote concentrated in Comnission District 2. Union Black Orthodox Jewish traditional Church going Christians n business will make up Commissioner Roberts winning 65% plus.
    Ignorant charges against City Manager Lee Feldman n that costs are high for City Services n Staff will go nowhere

  3. To Tom don’t worry your concerns which you mentioned above will be addressed. Thank you for your support. The police will prevail. The police have been taken advantage of to often under city manger Lee Feldman. Charlotte and Bruce when confronted will have no choice but to address these issues you bring up. In my case if I win, you win, if I lose you still win9nice odds). so need not worry. Pay raise coming,cola raises coming, respect to where the badge coming. withcomm.roberts being the former police chief how can he not support us. As far as Charlotte she will be on board also. Key is to send Feldman packing,lower rate for services etc,control traffic along the beach etc, file sanitary nuisance suit against these bath houses, once we prevail that revenue(we are suing you smut dens), take that suit money and redistribute that cash to other concerns. Either way win ,lose or draw Tom we will prevail. Perfect….

  4. With Hedge Funds is New York City n Connecticut cashing out and both Ststes increasing State Income Taxes the movement of capital to South Florida is the factor in rising taxes and costs of living and rentals. This is ignored by local politicians ALL FUNDED BY LOBBYISTS who get their fees from developers and government contrsctors. As long as working class residents dont vote n middle class voters dont contribute/volunteer things will continue on the way they are.

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