Some things seem to take – FOREVER !!!

Here’s three things that are happening in the City now , but seemed to take forever to accomplish – do you agree?

1 ……… icontoday


…………..    the ICON is the big Condo being built on Las Olas in front of the oldest house in the City, the Stranahan House  ….. It was first proposed in 1999, but was fought by the City’s politicians for years, then couldn’t be built after the economy collapsed…. The developers finally won the lawsuit, the economy rebounded, and it looks to be about 10 stories now and climbing ( I think to about 40 floors) ….


2  shiptoday


…….   the Shippey House is that early 1900’s  historic house, owned by infamous Broward Judge Fred Shippey, the Judge who married Tarzan (in this house!) …… The house  was saved from the wrecking ball by activists many years back, but the renovation was stalled in what has seemed like forever, but it is finally going strong ….here it is with front porch going on ….. Expect a ribbon cutting soon – I Think 🙂


33387 NE 13th Street GB FLyer_Final


………..   My favorite …..  My pet project ( that I should have accomplished a long time ago)  is finally happening !!!! …..  the road that is 13th Street in Fort Lauderdale is about to experience a $1.5 million dollar upgrade in it’s business district …..

……  The neighborhood groups are celebrating by hosting a Yee Ha  party and construction (check the homepage for construction services)  kickoff  shindig on Sept 14th at 6pm …..   Come to the intersection of 13th and Dixie for the fun  ….   Free food catered by Southport, live music by that cool local band Sunday’s at Five, ….   and because it took me so long . If you’re remodeling your home, then you can hire contractors from here!

………….  I will be in the dunk tank   …. (joining me in the tank will be City traffic CZAR Diana Alarcon, because she took too long also 🙂   ….see you all there


5 Replies to “Some things seem to take – FOREVER !!!”

  1. 1. I was working across the street at the Suntrust building when the supermarket was there great sandwiches. This city wasted a lot of our money on this delay of construction millions, never investigated as to why.

    2. Shippey House took parking away from the old building on riverwalk which is owned by the city making the building very hard to rent. To this day Shippey House is an eyesore it should be fixed or demolished.

    3, 13st now has a solid anchor which is the Warsaw coffee house with a great inhouse bakery. Having been in urban redevelopment in Chicago a lifetime ago, I always had faith in the 13st business vision based on geography and demographics. Now how about that ongoing park expansion?

  2. Tim congrats finally you did it. This beautification of 13St. is going to make people think they are traveling in Rio Vista(Grand Wizard’-neighborhood-you better make sure you neighbors support our friend). I wish Tim I could be there to pop the cork so to speak however, I am presently in Key west on business, and don’t return until the 16th. Tell your son Jr, hope he is well, I still get get over what a great job ,you and your wife did raising him. As far Dianne in th e dunk tank, be careful her husband is no sloach( I like Dianne-she should be next city manager). What a difference a day makes, huh…..

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