First Candidate Event for 2018- Fort Lauderdale

…… Yes, it’s hard to fathom, but the Fort Lauderdale City Commission 2018 election season is off and running  …..

…….. This past Sunday, the Central City Alliance (formerly known as the 13th Street Alliance), hosted  a pleasant outdoor picnic at the lovely historic Annie Beck House, and invited the 5 filed candidates (so far) for the CC election that is about 22 months away , to come and talk with about 100 citizens about the issues of the City …… Most of the attendees were from the area, but a good handful were from all areas of the City…



…..   We started out by feeding the crowd with a tremendous Spanish buffet, and once we had everyone filled up, we got their juices flowing for the “thoughtful discussion” ahead  ..



….nothing like a few glasses of Sangria to get the juices flowing !



….Mayor Jack stared the event off, then sent it back to me to start what turned out to be a substantial discussion about many of the issues facing the City   …


…..  Mayoral candidate ( and current District I City Commissioner ) Bruce Roberts was first to speak, and said he looked forward to a robust and meaningful campaign   …

… Then it was former Commissioner and current mayoral candidate Charlotte Rodstroms’ turn at the microphone –



…. She surprised the attendees by saying she would not be participating in the discussion, as she didn’t intend on “sharing her vision (campaign strategy) with her competitors”… She added that she was “blond, but not stupid”!

…. Then, mayoral candidate Jim Lewis spoke, seemed very relaxed and appeared to be having a good time  …


spcop spasst


….. The City was thoroughly represented, by Manager Feldman,  the Police,  and Feldman’s new assistant (pictured above with historic activist Steve Glassman)    ….

…… Next were the District 4 candidates  …. here are the two that have filed so far –



….. 56 year old Walter Duke, and 28 year old Hunter Altschul  … 


…….  I asked probing questions of some in the crowd, including this exchange with the developer of the empty lot across from Home Depot  … So, have you decided on what you are going to build?




……   his answer ? …… uh, well, hmm, uh ( well, you get the picture )  …


….anyhow, the afternoon ended with everyone feeling good about spending their Sunday afternoon with their fellow citizens  ….who was especially happy ?



…… my Board members !













5 Replies to “First Candidate Event for 2018- Fort Lauderdale”

  1. It was a pleasant event. Questions, answers and discussions were civil and informative – unlike our current national campaign.

  2. Let us NOT forget Mr. Stephen Glassman heads Broward Heritage which preserved, moved, and maintains ANNIE BECK HOUSE and our local Commissioner Dean Trantalis who fights for funds for the Park in which the ANNIE BECK HOUSE sits and supports historic preservation. Both of whom soldier on with former Commnissioner Tim Smith to preserve the best of Fort Lauderdale for now and future generations.

  3. First I would have stated that concerning historical preservation Charlotte Rodstrom has the best record of all of them combined.Also thanking her for her involvement in moving the Annie Beck house to the park. I then would have stated since Lee Feldman took over it now cost the residents much more to live in ft>alu. He has raised the fire assessment fee(I stated rais eit , not double it. He has raised the fees for water/sewer, now is suing FPL in that they are not charging residnets enough money. Since Feldman took over it cost a lot more money to live in Ft>alu. Its like he is a miniature Hyman Roth down at city hall. When is enough, enough. He was allocated millions of dollars back in October 1 for the new budget to hire more staff. In other words he wa s fronte d(never, never doo that)money up front to hire more staff. Well, whats he doing with our money. Here it is almost May and Trantalis points out last Tuesday we still have almost two(2) hundred vacancies. What’;s up w/ that Lee?. Comm.Roberts this is happening on your watch(be careful). Tax, charge, over charge the residnets, who cares, I care Lee. Be warned Lee. So this is what I would have stated. Also to point out the managers he has hired is costing us tons of money w/ the law suits etc. Trantalis also pointed this out(systematic cancer. Also now there is talk about raising the sales tax. prove to us that this is necessary. Comm.Roberts is very supportive of this(why). Lastly w/ all thes e rate increases(back to Feldman-yes Lee this whole mayoral campaign is going to be centered around you) yet Lee ha splenty of money for his Senoir management fellows(thanks you Scooter), paying them over a 100g a year to run around area hotel rooms ,cheating on their spouses(yes). So shape up or ship out Mr.Feldman. Oh if only I get that voting card, then run lee, lee caus e I’m comin and Seiler won’t be able to bail you out(per usual)…..

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