Yesterday’s Election

In case you are not one of the 10.76 % that voted yesterday (and pay attention to such things), here is just a little news of what happened.



 ………….. meaningless election picture


….. First off, it was a primary election, where each party picks their candidate who will run against the other despicable party’s despicable candidate in November!

…. Second off, though it’s always a bit unnerving, I am generally pretty good at my endorsements, and I hit 100% last night (maybe I should quit while I’m ahead?)




….. Like 75% of Florida Dems, I chose Charlie Crist.

Now most of us probably feel that Crist is an opportunistic, wobbly kind of fellow, but he had a pretty good run as Governor last time around, and…… has a chance of beating this guy in November –


rick scott

          the other parties guy


…. I also chose Dem winner George Sheldon over Thurston in the Attorney General race, because Perry Thurston was soft on crime, and that’s not a good thing if you want to be the Attorney General!

Sheldon will run against the incumbent AG Pam Bondi in November ( Bondi’s platform includes fighting gay marriage and medical marijuana!)



 ………………. Go Sheldon !


Alcee Hastings goes back one more time (he won by80%) and ….




…..  my pick Bobby Dubose heads off to the State House, with no competition in the general election in November  …..


…… hmm, now I guess I’ll have to back a candidate to fill Dubose’s seat on the Fort Lauderdale City Commisssion !

 … more politics – Yikes !








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  1. I believe Mr. Dubose will have to resign before his term is up and the commissioners will have to appointment someone to fill his term. On a local level this will be a fun think to watch.

  2. Now its on to see who runs for Comm.Dubose’ seat. Also come Feb. I wonder if the current comm. will see anyone challenge them. For mayor we have Mayor Seiler, Charlie King, the homeless mess Ray Cox,and Earl Rynerson. Tim, I see right through Mr.Rynerson. When he can’t even join the 13 street alliance, but intends to run for mayor. You should have see Mr.Rynerson w/ his “mobile sign”. Oh he called Channel 6 news desperately looking for exposure. I mean hasn’t been seen or heard in months then after all th ework from the LBGT community he decides to hop on the bus. So we will see. Also Comm.Trantalis. Let see who challenges him. Don’t forget he only won by 19votes(carved into my forehead). Of course some one will go after that seat. I am sure they (comm) will play it safe. Meaning no one will challenge the mayor(Seiler). Can you see Rogers, Roberts and the Mayor Seiler running against each other. This will never happen , but can you imagine the excitement. Now that would be a race.

    1. Commissioner DuBose has already resigned per state law. It just hasn’t taken effect yet. I believe the date is November 4th, but I am not sure. Any replacement of the District III Commission seat will be by appointment. Commissioner DuBose elected term is more than half over. So, according to our City Charter, the Mayor and City Commission could appoint his replacement. Remember, that office, and the current terms of the Mayor and all four District Commissioners will be up in March of 2015. In 2015 the City of Fort Lauderdale will conduct its next Municipal Elections. The Primary, February 2015, and the Election, March 2015. This gets complicated based on the number of candidates who qualify in January, and if any candidate wins by 50% plus one in the February Primary Election. If so, that race is decided in the Primary, and there is no General Election for that office. This will all become clear after the qualifying in January, and then the Primary Election in February.

  3. an appointment can be made till the March 2015 election per fll charter

    Sec. 7.08. Filling vacancies in commission

    When there shall exist a vacancy or vacancies in the office of city commissioner, and less than eighteen (18) months ensue before the time provided under this charter for holding the next regular triennial municipal primary, then such vacancy or vacancies for the unexpired term shall be filled by appointment by resolution adopted by a majority of the remaining members of the city commission; and the person or persons so appointed must possess all of the qualifications of a member of the city commission.

    If a vacancy or vacancies occur in the office of city commissioner, and eighteen (18) months or more ensue before the time provided for holding the next regular triennial municipal primary, or, if a vacancy should occur at any time in the office of mayor-commissioner then a special municipal primary and election shall be called to fill such vacancy or vacancies.

    1. Well Thank you!
      For just the facts. The interesting thing is there is no requirement to appoint in a timely manner.
      Such as at the next commission meeting after the resignation goes into effect.
      So lets see how district III feels about representation in a timely manner.
      District III you are not alone pushing for a good guy.

      1. Hi Lester, how about pushing for a good woman? I am Donna Guthrie, a candidate for this seat. As a resident of the City of Fort Lauderdale, and president of Melrose Park homeowners association, the largest in the district , when elected I will be honored to serve district 3.

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