Strange Bedfellows ?


…….. See recent picture below –


…….  Mayor Seiler, First Baptist Pastor Larry Thompson, Commissioner Trantalis, Commissioner Rogers  …




……. Below, an excerpt from a Thompson sermon on gay marriage –

“We have been told by the opposition that we are not to engage in the conflict…we are merely to observe. However, in the life of every true follower of Christ, there must be a sense of personal, biblical and moral accountability to act when we see an opponent dedicated to destroying a God-directed biblical pattern for marriage. A failure to engage rejects everything we know about TRUTH from the spoken word. Make no mistake, the family unit is under attack; the definition of biblical marriage is under attack. As a result there must be a biblical response; a response that deals only in defense of biblical truth and not in the personal attacks of others who would disagree with a biblical position.”


……. Your thoughts?

9 Replies to “Strange Bedfellows ?”

  1. All I got to say is this church better be being that Wave tax(99bucks) and their share of property taxes ect. and for thi minister to put so much pressure on Comm.Rogers is not right. Comm.Rogers is a good man. That being stated weather he is Bapist, Hindu, Catholic ,Jewish, etc. we all have to pay our share. Ok so they are against marriage equality-fine. To the LBGT its like talkin to a dead horse. Doesn’t mean they are bad people etc.They just want yo u to seat on the back of the bus. The LBGT will prevail. Just be careful of over zealous residents(some) taken credit for all your hard work. ARE YOU SEEING THIS EARL RYNERSON….And you better be code compliant ” mouth,” cause i’m watchin”..All the way to the bank bitch….. “

  2. One last thing Tim. When this marriage equlaity passes(its not if, its when). I am marrying Steve and Eve. Oh yes, when I retire i’ll have their retirement,checks, mine etc. Yep, checks comin in all month, for doin nothin. Although whispering sweet nothings to both of them will cost them(their check). I got to get something out of it, that or poison them(I’m thinking rat posion). PS share w/ th e residents Tim your painting that was donatated to the Annie Beck house(they’ll love it)…..

  3. The City is recognizing this bigot on Tuesday evening (Pres-3) at its Commission meeting with a presentation honoring him. Will Dean give him a big kiss?

  4. politics and religion don’t mix. the bible is crazy and always interpreted differently, sometimes just because and other times for personal interests. treat all people as equals and lets stop the religious connections of politicians. politicians will do, say and lick anything to get a vote…….it’s all about the contribution $$$$$ anyway. come on bring it!

  5. I’m very disturbed by this preacher reaching out to our politicians to spew his beliefs! It’s unconscionable and only serves to be more divisive. What was that part of the bible which speaks to our “judgmentalness” and who to leave that to??

  6. Talking Heads… On the Networks… Places of Worship and Newspaper editorials… At least in our country we have the privilege to hear this garbage! Power’s a dangerous slippery slope .. Politicians, lobbyists, and religious leaders …even law enforcement… need to be watched and held accountable.

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