Just the Facts

     Fort Lauderdale property owners are getting screwed.

     I’ll prove it to you in just a minute. This is what is going on.

     The Sheriff of Broward County is demanding that we pay him 5 million dollars per year for Police Dispatch. The Fort Lauderdale tax payer would have to foot the bill.

Sheriff Wrong !

     It’s just not right, because the Fort Lauderdale property owners are already paying the county way more than our fair share in taxes. We’ve had a deal for years with the County to pay for our dispatch, but now they are reneging on the deal.

         ahhh! … Fort Lauderdale

      Broward County is made up of 33 cities. We are the most populous city, with a population of 165,000, but a very western city, Pembroke Pines, is catching up with 154,000 people. Hollywood has 140,000, Miriamar 122,000.


      Fort Lauderdale has, by far, the highest amount of property value. The total value of our real estate is an astonishing 23 Billion, the closet competitor is Hollywood, with 9 Billion, then comes Pompano with 8 Billion, Pembroke Pines with 8 Billion, and on down the line.

     Therefore, we pay substantially more taxes to Broward County than all the other cities. The average amount of taxes paid by Broward County cities is 60 million dollars a yearFort Lauderdale pays twice that at 120 million. Here’s a list of the where the bigger cities in Broward rank next to our donation! 

    Taxes paid to the County 
     Fort Lauderdale – 120 million
     Hollywood – 50 million
     Coral Springs – 37 million
     Pompano Bch – 44 million
     Miramar – 32 million
     Pembroke Pines – 41 million

     So, what does this all mean?
     It means we pay a ton more money into the County Coffers than we get back.
     It means the Sheriff is wrong to try and wring another 5 million dollars out of the Fort Lauderdale citizens.

     But, you ask, don’t we get things from the County that other cities don’t?   

     Good point!  

       We get the traffic, which flows into the City in the morning, clogs up the roadways, runs back out in the afternoon.


     And we get the Courthouse and the County’s waterfront jail, so the criminals can see where they can roam when let out the front gates.  

     The bottom line…..

     We should be treated more fairly, or maybe we should just practice saying 

        …the County of Fort Lauderdale ….ahh!





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