Art Seitz Responds

     My latest reporting on the infamous Art Seitz drew a lot of attention, mostly from the folks that live on the beach – with him.

     And yesterday, Art himself called me to “set the record straight”!

     But I had a demand of my own first, for Art. I only had one picture of Art that I run when he makes news, and I needed something new, something fun. 

     So Art agreed, and here’s what I got !


     I guess that’s really Art Seitz, but it looks to me more like a cross between Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.!

     And just who are those babes with you Art?

     But back to the story.

    …… Art says that he wasn’t banned from speaking at the Central Beach Alliance , as I reported. He says ( and others back-up) that he was only silenced for the moment, because he wouldn’t stop talking when asked to by the President.

     Art says he was just trying to make the point that the Central Beach Alliance was “illegitimate” . He says the by-laws of the organization haven’t been followed since Mel Rubenstein was President…. and he says he “gave notice” to the President that he was coming to the meeting to do just that…

     And he says that according to the by-laws, there was no quorum present, and the meeting shouldn’t have gone on….

     And he says that a former beach President Steve Glassman is really running things from behind the scenes.. says Glassman has shanghaied the association.

     And he says that the current officers are pawns, reluctant to serve. Art says he tried to take the new president, John Weaver, on a tour, and “educate” him, but that Weaver wouldn’t go….
     Then Art started on the topics of ISHOF and the Bahia Mar …..

                     ….and I voted him off my blog island


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