Odd Man Out !!

     It’s the first time it’s ever happened in Fort Lauderdale, maybe anywhere!

     A citizen has been voted off his island.
     Actually, the citizen, from the Central Beach Alliance, now has the unenviable distinction of being the only person ( that I’ve ever heard of) to have an association vote NOT to allow them to ever speak again at their meetings!  


     You guessed it – Art Seitz!

     This is how I heard it went down. 
(To be fair, and for full disclosure, and because I don’t want to be sued by Art – again ! –  I wasn’t there, this is all second hand).

     ….. As usual, Art was participating in the discussion! … and participating  … and participating! Art has many great ideas, is passionate about the beach and what it could be, spends a good bit of his life trying to make that happen ….. it’s his delivery that could use some work! 

     You could say ( in my opinion), that Art has made an ART of combative civic encounters. He’s at times been rude, obnoxious, odious, even rebarbative!
     So, the Central Beach Alliance’s President, John Weaver, was gettting annoyed. He had been having problems getting Art to conform at other meetings, and Weaver appeared at his rope’s end. 

     He interrupted Art and asked for a motion to –

      never allow Art to talk again at a Central Beach Alliance meeting!

The motion then passed, nearly unanimously, with only one person opposing ! ( and I don’t think it was Art!)

     Something tells me Art will still speak up at the meetings!

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