Hutchinson Out of Riverwalk Job

      The Riverwalk Board of Directors officially replaced their former Executive Director (and former City Commissioner) Cindi Hutchinson on Friday, by offering the job of Executive Director to well-known city activist Genia Ellis.

     Ellis had been serving as Interim Director for the last 30 days while the Board struggled with what to do with Hutchinson, after she had been arrested for public corruption. The Board had put Hutchinson on administrative leave with pay, ( Hutchinson had been making about $75,000 per year). Hutchinson officially resigned on Friday.

     Hutchinson is still awaiting trial in the public corruption case. Some local rumors have it that Hutchinson has already turned down an offer of 30 months in jail. She has been proclaiming her innocence, but I could not reach her for comment ( I know you’re shocked at that!).

                                  Hutchinson in better days accepting a check for $15,000 from
                                             Chris Gaus of the Las Olas Association for it’s part of the purchase
                                             of  multi space parking meters

The Riverwalk Board decided to offer the job for now to Ellis, and not make any moves including a national search for a minimum of 90 days. It’s possible that Ellis will receive a longer contract to run the Trust after the 90 days is up.


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