Homeless Feeders Say They’ll Fix Up Communal House

     I spoke with a member of the Fort Lauderdale – Food Not Bombs group on the phone today. I’ll tell you what he told me in just a sec.

Food Not Bombs are one of the key players in the homeless feedings in Stranahan Park, and live in a “communal house” in the South Middle River Civic Association area.

The house has been a real problem for South Middle River, and the neighborhood President, Sal Gatanio, has been pushing the City to do something about it.

The Swamp

I called Sal to see what the problem was with the house (  FNB affectionately calls the residence the “Swamp Collective House”).

Sal was quite upset. “It’s filthy Tim, yard totally trashed out, windows blown out, pit bulls in the yard.
Sal took one short breath and continued on …. ” people sleep on the roof for God’s Sake, and the inside walls are covered in graffiti!”

I asked Sal how he knew the inside walls were covered with graffiti.

” I told you Tim, the freakin windows are blown out !!”.

So, today I talked with Hunter, who lives in the Swamp. I had put in calls to all the numbers I could find associated with Food Not Bombs, and was glad someone was calling me back.

I found Hunter to be a pleasant young man, who says he understands the neighborhoods’ concerns. He says he and his group are concentrating on feeding the homeless and fixing the world, and probably let the house go. He said the windows were going to be fixed this week, and people from My House Painter firm were supposed to be painting the house today.

But he wouldn’t make any promises about stopping the roof sleeping !

Stay Tuned ….  Tim

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