Fort Lauderdale Beach Friday Night

     So, what’s the latest on the Fort Lauderdale Beach ?

     We’ve been hearing that our infamous Spring Break crowds were coming back with a vengeance, so we went down to take a look !

                                            Where the Boys Are !
    It was dark, but there was no mistaking our famous Elbo Room.
I thought the crowd looked light, but the wife and our friend Marge reminded me that it was only 8pm! ( I had forgotten that the college kids were still in their hotel rooms, just waking from the daytime beer chugging, busy pruning and primping themselves, readying for another round.

     We walked on, scoping the scene.


     We came across two Brits, John and Trisha, from Lancashire. John is a security specialist, Trisha a pharmacist ( she had never heard of our pill mills problem!).

     Well, they certainly weren’t college kids, but they were younger than me, so I did some more investigation.

     They were only in Fort Lauderdale for a couple of days, had been in L.A. for a week, and didn’t think Fort Lauderdale would “be much”, but were pleasantly surprised. 

     They said they had eaten at the Casablanca, and were staying at the Westin on the beach ( they had gotten a good deal of $90 off of Priceline). Their only complaints about our town were an overflowing trash bin at the WaterTaxi, and a “rude, ignorant Haitian taxi driver that wouldn’t stop texting”.

     Next we found this !!


     Abby, Ellen, and Kelli (with an i   … she wanted me to get the spelling right).

     They were delightful, from Kentucky (the southern girls with the way they talk……)  

     Abby had a blog herself ( on decorating) and all of them were college kids at Louisville. They loved Fort Lauderdale, said it was beautiful, sunny, and most importantly, had no snow.

     Their only complaints about the locals were that they should drive slower, and the boys were always hitting on them.

     Imagine that !

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