Gay Marriage

      ….. one of the beaches’ top activists, Steve Glassman,  has run off to New York and gotten married –  to another man! 


Steve sent me this e-mail (below) to share with me the notice he sent out about his nuptials – 

I posted this on Facebook yesterday and have just read the 79 comments thus far from friends, family, and HS students that I taught from 1977-1994 in Buffalo. So very touched by these and makes me realize how much work we have to do in our state. 

   ….  As I am in a sharing mood, I want to forward an email I just sent to LGBT
leaders in Broward County, Florida. It is also meant for leaders nationwide
and supporters of marriage equality.
     Please indulge me:
     I am not in the habit of writing these kinds of emails, but I felt it was
important to thank each and every one of you for the work you have done,
still do, and will do in the future for our LGBT community.
     You see, I truly believe that people like you are a major reason why I was able to
marry my partner of 40+ years this past Wednesday, August 28, in Buffalo,
New York.

     Rande and I were visiting family in Buffalo and the Niagara region of
Ontario, Canada and decided in advance that the time was right to do this. After all, Rande was born in Buffalo, we met in Buffalo and shared a beautiful life there together for 21 years before moving to Florida.

     We were both born in New York State, and now we were going back to visit for the
first time in 19 years. The fact that our marriage was scheduled by City
Hall on the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech
was icing on the cake.
     Surrounded by the love of our family that day and listening to the poignant
words of the marriage officer, this was, on many levels, just so right. Our
family even recited a Jewish LGBT marriage blessing as part of the ceremony.

     I did not think that I would feel any different getting married – after all,
after 40 years together, feelings are solidified and there are not that many
surprises. But, I was wrong. I do feel different and the solemnization of
the day and that piece of paper affirming our marriage is definitely

So, I won’t go on and on, just know that I do so appreciate what all of you
do each and every day to make a positive difference for our community. Our
civil rights struggle continues and, hopefully, one day Florida will wake
Again, thank you.

                 Congratulations Steve   …..  Tim

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