Crystal Ball Late, But Mostly Right

     In our last discussion, the Crystal Ball was consulted to see what would happen at last nights’ public hearing for the Marina Lofts “luxury” rental building,  proposed to be built on the New River in the Tarpon River neighborhood.

     The Ball said  approvals for moving the now famous Rain Tree, and its associated building allowances would happen at 11:30 pm.

                            Try 3:07 a.m.!

      The ball had it right on most of the other details.

     Commissioner Romney’s did recuse himself from the deliberations, ( and the new City Attorney did back him up), and the vote to move the Rain Tree  was  3-1, with Trantalis opposing.

      But the final vote for the project itself was 4-0, with Trantalis persuaded by the scaled back  version of the project orchestrated by Mayor Jack Seiler.


     I give the ball an 8 – and am sending it out for minor adjustment!

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