Popeye Update

      He is Popeye, probably Fort Lauderdale’s most long lasting homeless panhandler.

Here he is yesterday. In his left hand is his protection spear,  he says the Cops say he has to keep the sock pulled over it.


When I first met Popeye, years back,  he was living at Home Depot in the elevator, the outdoor one, and only after closing!

     But HD finally evicted him,  and he lived for awhile in a fleabag motel just south of Searstown. He told me yesterday the motel threw him out, and he’s back out on the street fending for himself….

      He wanted me to take a picture of his head.


     And he needs a new shoe, only the one, as he only has one good foot, the right one, that he uses to shuffle himself along from panhandling median to median.

     Size 11.

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