Ft. Laud. activist running for W. Manors Mayor

His name is Doug Blevins, and he is running for Mayor of Wilton Manors against the incumbent, Gary Resnick.


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                                Blevins                                                                                 Resnick

Blevins, a realtor,  was the President of  the South Middle River Civic Association in Fort Lauderdale, and is often credited for starting the renaissance of that neighborhood. He took over the association with a paltry 14 members, and built it to a respectable 160 member organization.

Blevins took on the crime that has plagued SMR, fought with the City to do something about derelict properties,  and got the neighborhood working as a team.

Blevins moved to Wilton Manors and has been very active there also, serving on Boards, and running the Wilton Manors Main Street organization, that is pushing to take Wilton Drive from 4 lanes to 2 lanes. It looks like the reduction may happen, as the State has already made plans to “beef up” Dixie Highway, which is expected to take much of the traffic that now uses Wilton Drive.




Resnick has been successful as Mayor of Wilton Manors, but may have overstayed his welcome. He first got elected to the W.M. City Commission in 1998, then was first elected as Mayor in 2008. There are no term limits in W.M..

Resnick, a lawyer, took criticism when he pushed to scale back the County Ethics law, that kept him from being a lobbyist for other cities while serving as Mayor.

I’m supporting Blevins. He is a true grass roots guy, and his passion and newness would be good for Wilton Manors.



Here is Blevin’s campaign crew, which I think might also double as the Gay Men’s choir 🙂   …. Tim



7 Replies to “Ft. Laud. activist running for W. Manors Mayor”

  1. blevins is cute so if i lived in wilton manors i’d vote for the better looking candidate…..
    also a mayor should only be in office for 4 years! end of story!

  2. and on a lighter note……
    it seems that most people running for a political seat have all the greatest intentions.
    once in office many politicians turn into douche bags…..i’m not naming names just initials…..

  3. Tim:

    As someone who admires you dedication, leadership and strong values, I am honored to have your support and endorsement. I want my Wilton Manors constituents to know and understand that I am about Safety and quality of life, first and foremost. I am convinced that the VOTERS, will recognize my willingness to be a “hands-on” Mayor, that will work hard along with every city, county and state department to GET THINGS DONE in our city! I am not a “sit behind a desk” leader….as you know. I pledge to LEAD by EXAMPLE. Thank you,

  4. As a resident of Wilton Manor for 11 years, it is time for a change. Career politicians need to be voted out of office. I am voting for Doug Blevins. His leadership at the Wilton Manors Main Street organization has proven that he is ready to lead our city. We need to slow down the traffic on Wilton Drive, improve landscaping with more trees, and make the Drive two lanes. Let’s get this project finished. Doug will also help improve the western part of Wilton Manors and work for ALL citizens. Doug will help make improvements along Powerline Road and Andrews Blvd. He is the right candidate for our city now.

  5. And I’ll bet if elected Mr. Blevins won’t register as a Lobbyist and circumvent the Ethics Rules to make some money in a side job!

  6. What Doug didn’t say is it would cost about $6 million to buy Wilton Drive from the FDOT plus millions more to turn the road into a two lane street. That would cause huge traffic jams! He seemed to back out of the two lane initiative during the final weeks of his campaign which made him look wishy-washy. Then he made statements to the Wilton Manors police department which turned out to be false when a utube video surfaced. Those statements will haunt him for the rest of his political non-career. Read about it at http://www.MayorBoyd.com

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