Flagler Village Up, Low Income Housing, Down

     The debate is about the affordable/low income housing hi-rises proposed for the neighborhood called Flagler Village. That’s the area off of US 1, south of Searstown, west of Federal Highway. Depending on who you believe, there are either 3, 4 , or 5 low income, hi rise projects, planned for the same area at the same time.
     when we think of low income housing 

The poli-drama played out yesterday in front of the Fort Lauderdale City Commission.


     And If it seems like deja vu to you, it is.

     Two weeks ago, the Commission agreed to give a developer $125,000, to use as a match to apply for a State grant to build one of the projects, a 103 unit tower.

     The Commissioner for the area, Charlotte Rodstrom, initially voted for the low income project, but immediately caught hell from the Flagler Village neighborhood, and the neighborhood across the highway, Victoria Park.

     One speaker, Victoria Park’s prolific commenter Charles King, acknowledged that by saying ” I know I’ve been harsh and brutal, especially to you Charlotte”. Rodstrom quipped “that’s OK, just don’t do it again”.

     Rodstrom then opted to “reconsider” her yes vote, which any Commissioner can do at the next meeting, (if they are on the winning side of an issue),  and turned it into a no vote.

     The rest of the Commission then voted to overturn their earlier vote and sent the developer packing without the subsidy. 

     Seiler stuck with his yes vote, ( as did Dubose), but said he would not consider any more of the low-income projects until the City developed a strategy of where they should go.

     Romney agreed, saying the process of approving and funding the low-income projects was ” messed up”. Dubose followed by saying they (low income) should be placed ” all over the City”, not just in the CRA areas.

     Harbor Beach, Coral Ridge, Las Olas ? …nah, relax


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