Rodstrom Drawing Opponent ?

     He’s picked up the paperwork to file to run against Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom.


His name is Lester Zalewski, and he is currently the Vice President of the Central Beach Alliance.


     He says that he hasn’t made up his mind, that he has until Friday, that’s he’s in the preliminary phase.

      He also says he began to think about running after Rodstrom proposed a new Walgreens at the entrance to the beach without conferring with the neighborhood.

     And, he says that he feels that competition ” spurs the best in people”. 

     Zalewski also says he knows a lot about the rest of District II, because ” as a land speculator”, he traveled through much of the District by car “and by bicycle”, looking for deals.

     Zalewski said he would let me know this week what he decides.


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