Commissioner Aurelius on Chickens

     I received the curious e-mail (below) from former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner  John Aurelius. It’s about chickens.

            Aurelius in hat

     Aurelius served from 1991 to 1999, voted into office after Fort Lauderdale Vice Mayor Doug Danziger resigned in a prostitution sex scandal. 

     I think Aurelius ranks as one of the most productive Commissioners
to ever serve ( after me , of course

                  Here’s Aurelius’s e-mail

Dear Tim:

     I was disappointed to read the morning news the city commission was not proceeding with allowing chickens as household pets or otherwise.
     My disappointment lies in the fact that it is my belief that the City of Fort Lauderdale would need a Game Warden, and I was going to volunteer for this position.
     I was going to point out that I took a course in animal husbandry, have two cats as pets, had extensive knowledge of the Rose Drive peacocks, iguanas living in my backyard, had recently visited Animal Kingdom in Orlando and Zoo Miami with my granddaughter and had knowledge of the border collies abilities to herd sheep.

     I do believe my credentials would have easily entitled me for consideration to the appointment.

Cordially yours.


John E. Aurelius, Esq.
4367 North Federal Highway, Suite 101
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308
Telephone: 954-772-8222
Facsimile: 954-772-8759

                               I love this hobby ! …. Tim



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