Election Results ….And More !

…. For those of you that don’t follow politics …..there was an election this past Tuesday in Fort Lauderdale. And even though there were only two things on the ballot …… the election still costs a boatload of money to hold …


money pile


What’s worse, only 7.2% of the voters turned out to vote …… My rough math tells me it probably costs about $40 per voter !!!!

Anyhow, here are the results –

1.) Mayor Jack Seiler wins re-election big at 72% of the vote …… That wasn’t a big surprise. The only surprise is that perennial candidate, and ferocious anti- Seiler foil Earl Rynerson came in dead last – beaten by Seiler and a mostly unknown bartender – Chris Brennan


2.) Robert Mckinzie, after surviving multiple challenges to his candidacy, trounced challenger Donna Guthrie by about a 60/40 margin… I supported Guthrie, but now that Mckinzie is the farmacia24encasa Commissioner, I will support his efforts to make District III a better area ….


Here’s an idea Commissioner –

…..Many years ago, Commissioner Carlton Moore and I banded together to have the wall surrounding the junkyard at I95 and Sunrise Boulevard made pretty …It’s gotten marked up and dirtied over the years…

9522 9511

…… I tried to convince former Commissioner Dubose to get together a make-over on the wall during his tenure, but to no avail

… So Commissioner Mckinzie, how about you? …. Will you do it? …Can I help ?


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  1. I was very upset with the people who are supposed to let people know about any vote going on in town. There was precious little to alert the populace and I think it’s very poor government. I called both Broward County and our city about the matter a few days before asking why there were no signs and little in any paper. What gives!!

  2. “Mostly unknown”? Ouch! Chris “Captain Loogie” Brennan is a household name in most circles. I did what I could to raise awareness about the election. We raised the turnout from something like 6.19% to 7.21% by bringing my demographic that had never voted in a municipal election. I know it’s not much but I did it with little to no funding. I digress…

    Keep up the good work, Tim. I’m a fan. -Loogie

  3. What a waste of money. Wilton Manors has their city races with the November general elections, but it seems Ft Lauderdale has excess money to burn – $40 per voter and a pathetic turnout.

  4. First of all “household name in most circles” is an out and out lie! As someone who has attended some of the major meetings in the City of Lauderdale I can say only a few, a very few people have ever heard of ANYONE IN POLITICAL LIFE in this City! The Council of Civic Organizations couldn’t even get a debate because no one in the City was going to volunteer to run the coffee machine or give out the donuts at such a meeting, without which no one except the candidates would show up for!

    Former Commission Tim Smith knows better than I or anyone how uninterested people are in “civic” or “government” or “political” issues in the City of Lauderdale which has in recent election circles LOST ITS CONGRESSMEMBER, ANY COUNTY COMMISSIONERs! How many people will show up for the Country and West Music Festival in April as opposed to voting in ANY ELECTION in the City of Fort Lauderdale! On Tuesday the City Commission will debate and hopefully vote on MAJOR ISSUES effecting the City of Lauderdale for the next generation, WHO MANY PEOPLE WILL SHOW UP? A few older people and out of work with nothing to do and THE LOBBYISTS, NO ONE ELSE! Friday nights I go to a smoke bar with EMPLOYED under 30 businessmen and women, NONE CAN NAME THEIR CITY COMMISSIONER or CITY MAYOR! And, no, NO ON EVER HEARD OF BRENNAN!
    And, when it comes to that, last night did anyone see any of the Civil Groups except the “Council” even have a booth to sign up members for the much ballyhooed “Civil Associations”? And, let me be blunt, have you ticed the only change in the “leaders” of the “civic organizations” from year to year, IS THEY JUST KEEP ON PUTTING ON WEIGHT! Unlike the City Staff, what the “community” needs are YOUNG, ACTIVE, INVOLVED EMPLOYED PEOPLE, not more old farts and LOBBYISTS!

  5. To last blogger “Dave Justin” -I know its astounushing how much this past mayor’ race cost us. However we don’t set the price the Superviosr Of elections does and true to form Dr.Brenda C Snipes stuck it to us again by charging Ft.lau a staggering almost 300 grand. I mean come on . She will probably charge us just as much w/ comm.Trantalis race for District 2 next month. She balances her budget and pays her staff all this boo-koo money on are backs. This is a disgrace. There is no way Dr.Snipes this has to cost your dept. this much loot.Look at Lauhill etc.She didn’t charge them or any other municapality anywheres near what she charges Ft.Lau. Again she is full of shit and she knows it. I can sustain these statements and she knows it however , she gets away w/ it because no one questions her. I do. Get the rate she has charged other cities. We should demand a refund Mayor Seiler Neveferdedi(godess of love) over there needs her head examined. Speaking of Dean Trantalis race” Ast.State att. Catherine Maus” I have been hearing your big mouth (3rd party) for months now-“Oh Dean will be indicted to being arrested for the ex-lover(how about arresting Mr.smith for voting in th e last election in dis 2-when I proved loverboy didn’t even live w/ Dean). Oh yeah Tim either 1- Catherine Maus is just a kiss ass and will say anything Att.Bill(Grand wizard) Scherer tells her to say or 2- she wants to act like the big shot and impress the grand wizard and his friends(take a wild guess who) by appeasing Bill by telling everyon e that was concerned that Dean woul d be arrested. I will have you disbarred Bill and Catherine Maus . You have some expalining to do Catherine Maus. What ast.State att would do this?(disbarred). Or either Bill scherer wa s full of a shit and wante d to act like the big shot w/ the Rodstroms and save the day just to make brownie points . Either way Catherine Maus you have some explaining to do. Lie to me and everyone else and again I will have you disbarred along w/ your Buddy Bill Scherer.I do not give a rats ass how much money you have Bubba I will put your rich ,oppurtunist ass(suing Ft.lau(homeless issue-you to egghead Bruce Rogow) in jail. Come clean Catherine. Oh yeah to Dean would be arrested, sent to jail etc, and that Maus here would have Dean indicted-certain people inc.myself were told this(was it just to impress the Rodstroms or Mr.scherer or what(again come clean Maus) over Bill’ concerns w/ the hotel project next to Casablance the house to be to be demolished etc. I want answers att.Maus.

  6. First of all to the “Count” who I like to call our Jewish Count Dracula” I read your comments and to be quite honest w/ you “you are part of the problem” why residents don’t go to a lot of these civic meetings. Yes, you and several other regulars. Now the newest revelations is that when I called Ast.State att. Off-Catherine Maus after four (4) phone calls(I was off yesterday) that Comm.Dean Trantalis is “still under investigation and its now being handled by Ast.State Att. Ryan Kelly(his ast. Jennifer Garcia (-954-831-8029). This is regarding Dean involvement w/ the ex-lover Richard G. Smith. The complaint was brought to the State Att.Off by no other than the “Grand Wizard” att. Bill Scherer(and you have no right to be telling people Dean is going to be arrested etc & Maus has no business going along w/ that notion). Anyhow what I don’t want to see happen is Dean is reelected and according to Maus and the grand Wizard will be suspended by the the Gov. and then we will have to have a special election so the SOE can charge us another 300g. District 2 -you deserve better than this. I mean if he is going to be arrested(again this is what the Grand Wizard has been telling his friends(I am going to the Bar w/ you and Maus-) so I mean if he is going to be arrested -lets go, enough already. If there is nothing there(Ethics bd. cleared Trantalis) than Scherer and Maus have some explaining to do. att.Maus really, after 4 calls you pawn this off to Att.Ryan??. I will get to the bottom of this. So email Maus w/ your concerns @ cmaus@sao17.state.fl.us. We deserve better than this. I am sick and tired of this opputurnist, braggart Bill Scherer going down to the State att.off. like he owns the place. Catherine Maus you are just as guilty for appeasing the Grand Wizard” If all this is sustained you will be working @ that overpriced clothing store your brothers own(several residents have mentioned that her family owns the joint-who cares). Again at least it has been confirmed that Trantalis is under investigation w/ the SAO/(ryan Kelly). I smell a rat (meaning Dean, Scherer, Maus). Also the exlover that voted in the last dis 2 election Richard G. Smith is still being looked into. Really the boy toy votes from Dean’ home when he didn’t even live there and yet he is still not arrested, meanwhile “Sucker boy” here(oh I know Bernie/Ann) has his voting rights taken away from him???. No way. We will get justice people……

  7. I did what I could people. The rest is up to you. If my parents where alive they would say “good job “Sucker-boy” you still have no voting rights. My reply oh I know Bernie & Ann but who got you both to the ‘Promised Land”????. Anyhow my self interests(more like other peoples (suckerboy) is more like it…. I informed the residents which was my main concern.

  8. For an update that you request(its all about the residents-keep telling yourself that “Sucker-boy”-states Ann/Bernie in my ear). As far yesterday Feb.26,2015 @ 4:07 pm it was brought to my attention that the State Att.Office(Catherine Maus/Ryan Kelly) has closed the criminal investigation brought forward by Att.William Scherer(The Grand Wizard) is closed. No charges will be brought forward. All I wanted from the onset was to know one way or another if charges were going to be brought. My main concern was I did not want charges to be brought and then the Gov.(give me my voting rights-Felony Warriors) to suspend Mr.Trantalis, which would have cost us another 200g for a special election(my main concern). Let this be a lesson to any of you ‘Robert Walsh” doesn’t care who you are. How much money you have(Grand Wizard). Who you know or if you have more connections than Henry Kissinger(Huh Judy). I will do anything to inform these residents to no avail. Good luck with your present and future indeavors Comm.Trantalis. I have rested. Next…..

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