Election Tuesday ?

…. You might not know that there is a City Election on Tuesday.



….  The election is for just one thing – the District II City Commissioner.

…..  Before I get to who I think you should vote for, let me say that this is way screwed up …. To have an election, in the middle of March, for just one office, where almost no one is paying attention is wrong, costly, UN-American !.. City elections should be in November, tied to either the Gubernatorial election, or the Presidential election…..

…… If you live in District II (and if you don’t know which district you live in, nevermind), you can vote,  but some people estimate that only 5 out of 100 qualified voters will decide this one !




…….  If you are one of those five people, you should vote for this guy above – I am ….. If you don’t know who that guy is, well – never-mind!


……   Here is another picture of him with super activist Steve Glassman –


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


….Glassman is one of those that predict a 5% turn- out  …


…. If you though you’d turn out out to vote for one of the three people below –   ….




………..   well, NEVERMIND !!!



3 Replies to “Election Tuesday ?”

  1. This new blog story did inform voters of Election but Tim, you wasted your blog on “dinging” the voters who are uninformed and made a joke of it. Your blog also failed to state a reason to vote for a specific candidate. Guess it was a lazy Sunday.

  2. WOW! I finally get a chance to make a comment on your updated site! We’re back in touch!

    Of course I’ll vote for Dean, and I agree….what a huge expense.

  3. Commissioner Trantalis is a terrible city commissioner. I live on A1A and because of the turtles we have no over head street lights for 6 months of the year. Pedestrians are being hit by cars and on the west side of the street it is totally dark and one takes their life in their own hands when walking along A1A because of drug dealing, fights and muggings. I suggested on several occasions the city hang turtle and pedestrian friendly lights midway on the current overhead street lamp posts like they do in Lauderdale By the Sea to light up the walkways.. Commissioner Tranntalis, the Mayor and the City Manager all ignore my suggestion and didn’t even bother to reply to my suggestion. THROW THE THOSE LAZY BUMS OUT!

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