Ducked ! ……… Dean’s Dead Ducks Update !

After the last post on Trantalis killing off the poor little Mother Duck and her Ducklings mural,




I received a lot of feedback, all aghast that Trantalis would pull such a bonehead move, all to satisfy a known malcontent  …..

……. But the best comment I received came with a picture attached……  A well know activist wrote to me that she was “angry” that Dean pulled the plug on such a good endeavor, and said she just saw a site that reminded her how  she was feeling  …..


ducked1  ………. DUCKED !!!!  (yes, that is what you think you’re seeing)

6 Replies to “Ducked ! ……… Dean’s Dead Ducks Update !”

  1. This is ridiculous to argue over when our parks are the worst in the country and the city is an embarrassment for the way we treat the homeless. Holiday Parks new dog area is a disgrace. Go see what a dog park area should look like by going to Pompano Beach on Federsl Highway just north of Atlantic. p.s. That duck painting is ugly if you want my opinion.

  2. Dont let the negative people beat you down Commissioner Smith. The REAL community is BEHIND YOU!

  3. What is up w/ the ducks . Tim, your hot right now . I have gotten a lot of calls about you and this mural.First of all what is the big deal.Its done very tastefully etc. Well, Tim it was you who got him elected the first time around against Charalotte(19 votes-that was your magic Tim. How quick they(Dean) forget. Do a citizens presentation Tim. Dean states the mayor is only one vote etc. He is not a strong mayor. has no business directed mr.Feldman to do anything w/out entire comm. approval. give it right back to him. I mean all this chatter over this mural. Other option make amends w/ laura(thamk u for the Kaboom park etc). Oh w/ you backing her she could never lose. Or have junior run against Dean(son). There you go. Get the house in order (Annie Beck). Make amends w/ laura(all this chatter that they don’t like each other-it sall about the residents put your differnces aside. ). I am shocked that Dean gave u a hard time. Lets not forget again it was Tim here who put Dean over the finish line(yes). So the ducks stay(mural). One thing Tim where u have the advantage is your neighborhood supports you. Ps. a lot of concern about the Annie Beck house. Fix it.This way here everyone can utilize the house. Good luck…..

  4. Sorry, I love the duck image but Im really hung-up on the “LEAD” . I keep reading LEAD as in toxic LEAD. And at first glance I thought this was a shed housing toxic lead and the words were a warning. It’s just confusing visually. With all the toxic poisoning all around, and areas in which toxins are being housed, this is probably just a bad choice of words. Please keep moving forward with getting your mural! The ducks are humble and true to our daily life. Try a different word or slogan.

  5. Dean Trantalis told me he would come to our SMRCC (South Middle River Clean Up Crew) Inaugural Meet and Greet to talk about our campaign called Adopt A Peacock, as we have been noticing Animal Cruelty taking place in our area and peafowl are not included in these laws as ducks are. He canceled 15 minutes before the event started, leaving a room full of people disappointed. He said people in our local civic association were going to handle the Peafowl situation even though they have it in their bylaws that they will not address the peacock situation because only 70 homes are affected and it is not enough for them to do so. This is why we decided to handle this situation among homeowners and residents of South Middle River. Total disregard for our efforts and pitting one group against the other but SMRCC is rising above and have taken this to a county level as Miami-Dade county has an ordinance protecting the peafowl. Just thought you should know, registered voters don’t like shady! As an activist you know I won’t give up till I see results and want to thank you for your support in the past, never forget. <3

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