Dean’s Dead Ducks

Who let the dogs out ???

…. Beats me, but I do know who killed off  Mother Duck and her cute little ducklings mural !




The City had asked that this mural get painted on this little storage shed, that is next to a wonderful Kaboom playground that the City is building over in Middle River Terrace Park on Dixie….. They had done a similar thing on the last playground that they built in Poinciana Park ….

The city’s art group Art Serve was asked to find an accomplished muralist and they found this artist who sketched up this rough draft of this mural with a wonderful message for the park … . The muralist said she spent time in the park, and the one constant was mothers with children …. and ducks!

The plan was progressing wonderfully, until this man, pictured below, halted progress, stopped the mural, and the ducks seem to be  as good as dead …. ducks



Yes, that is none other than Commissioner Dean Trantalis, the duck killer !

Trantalis got a complaint from a neighborhood woman about the mural   …. The lady had said on a conference call about the Kaboom Playground that she opposed the mural, that it was “not that kind of neighborhood” …. that the neighborhood was now “elegant’….. “huh?, I replied !


I called Trantalis, but to my dismay, he said he was siding with Ms. Elegant and stopping the mural from being painted during the playground build   …… He said he would “start a process for a mural,,,, start a committee ….. have a meeting someday  ….YaDA  …yADA….yADA!


I tried to change his mind    ….


Sent over a formal duck to try  ….. no luck



Had squads of ducks ( and constituents) gang up on him   ….No luck



Even went the political route that I was sure would work!   …


….Hell no,  Trantalis still said  ……  consider the ducks dead ( or something in that vein  …)


……. But let’s give it one last try   …..  what do you say?  …… email Trantalis at DTrantalis@fortlauderdale .gov with this short little message


………………………………  # SAVE MOTHER DUCK ………………………………………………………………………..






8 Replies to “Dean’s Dead Ducks”

  1. Leave it to this “woman” to make something terrible out of a wonderful neighborhood project! (Yet again!) Can we get our pitch forks out and run her out of town yet!?!? Can’t believe Dean would listen to anything spewing out of her cesspool of a mouth. Definitely makes me rethink casting a vote his way ever again… End of rant

  2. Ms. “Elegant” has caused nothing but discention in MRT since becoming president, and the only improvement to the neighborhood she takes credit for has been either preformed by the city, or MPO. It has been said that the mural will be done after her and her cronies approve of it- what a joke- they will ultimately force the city to do it as their SOP. Also, the idea of involving the historical people involved is a joke considering the condition of the once beautiful Annie Beck house….By the way Dean, don’t you remember ms. Elegant publiclybacked your opponent in a past race for office?

    1. If you are going to comment get your facts straight. The AB house up until January 2017 was cared for by the CCA. It is now left to the Trust to clean up their mess. It does after all belong to them.

  3. Commissioner Smith tries to do a mitzvah and the town Yetta puts in her usual negative gar-barge! Elegant! My Aunt Rowie (geborene Recha)! The Milano Moron murders every classy act Commissioner Smith donates his time n energy to. With all due respect to our Honourable District Commissioner he pays way way too much attention to crackpots.

  4. Please address the Commissioner on this issue. Who is supposed to represent the community as a whole.
    One complaint, is not a civic outcry. His time would be better spent expanding the park.

    Anyone willing to run for district 2 give me a call.

  5. A cautionary tale…..

    One day, Commissioner Ducktalis was walking by The Middle River Terrace Park. He saw Commissioner Tim leading a flock of ducks. He and the ducks were headed right for the maintenance shed, where an Art Muralist was waiting, paint brush in hand. “Tim!!” said Commissioner Ducktalis “I want you to take those ducks and get out of here, take them to the zoo.” “OK” said Commisioner Tim, and he took the ducks to the zoo.

    One week later, Dean Ducktalis was walking by the Middle River Terrace Park and again he sees Tim with the ducks. This time the ducks are wearing sunglasses. “Tim!” says Commissioner Ducktailis “I thought I told you to take those ducks to the zoo!” “I did”, said Tim “This week I’m taking them to the beach……”

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