Dean Trantalis Mural Story Ending

OK  …..  Just to finish the story  ……


So, Commissioner Trantalis killed the painting of a cute little duck mural on a storage shed in a City Park, next to a newly built Playground  ……  This was what the mural was going to look like –



Trantalis was pandering to two naysayers, who thought that the ducks weren’t “elegant” enough ….  Trantalis said he would evoke a “process”, find an acceptable “elegant” mural,  and then a mural would be painted …  tout suite! …..

Well, I guess Trantalis had his “process”, cause here is a picture of  how the storage shed looks now, a month later  …



thanks a lot Trantalis  …….


6 Replies to “Dean Trantalis Mural Story Ending”

  1. I hope the naysayers are proud of their victory in ( once again ) stopping the process of getting neighborhood improvements done. The least they should have done was to organize a group of neighbors to put a fresh coat of paint on it. Although as per sop, they will probably get the city workers to do it.

  2. Why is everyone wasting their time complaining about the painting of a shed which will be covered in graffiti no sooner than the work is finished? Elegant? It’s going to take more than a shed being painted and nothing short of a complete tear down of that whole neighborhood before it begins to look nice. QUESTION: Why isn’t anyone complaining about that stupid, pain in the butt roundabout on Dixie Highway and 13th?

  3. Did you honestly expect anything else from Dean. What a disappointment. Obviously it will be something with “rainbow colors”. He’s definitely not into family values!

  4. A few facts. There is no graffiti on the shed or the Annie Beck house. Graffiti has not been a big problem. This neighborhood is on the way up, let’s work together and keep the momentum going.
    The reason there are no complaints from me and the people i know about the roundabout sculpture is because we like it and fully support the project. This is an anchor piece and symbol of the future we are making for ourselves. If people think this neighborhood should be torn down they should move and get out of the way of those building a better future.

  5. Of course I confronted Commissioner Trantalis about the Ducks n Miss Milano Mesghugga and the Commissioner swore to me HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE HARASSMENT of Commissioner Tim Smith and his well meaning colleagues who tried to IMPROVE THE NEIGHBORHOOD and also requested a leading investor to buy Miss Milano Mesghugga’s overpriced house AS SHE DRIVES HIM NUTS just as she does Commissioner Tim Smith! Appatently Miss Milano Messugga is a pest TO EVERYONE. Anyway that’s Commissioner Trantalis’ story as given to me face to face.

    1. Hey Count ….. Dean did not tell you the truth! ….. here is an email from his office last month describing how he was killing off the poor little duckies….Shame on Trantalis ..

      From: Scott Wyman
      To: Bruce G. Roberts ; jayea ; pres ; Dean Trantalis ; tim ; Jack Seiler ; Phil Thornburg ; Christopher Lagerbloom ; Lee Feldman ; Colleen Lockwood ( Sent: Fri, May 26, 2017 6:04 am
      Subject: RE: Middle River Terrace Park Mural

                     As I told Jaye Abbate earlier today, no one blames ArtServe, the artist or those who helped bring the idea of the mural forward. However, there is a desire from the neighborhood association for more community input around any mural.
                     On behalf of Commissioner Trantalis, I spent an hour this morning with Jaye and Colleen Lockwood, the president of Middle River Terrace, batting around ideas of how to proceed. I think we reached a good consensus. I’ve run the discussion by Commissioner Trantalis. And, as the district commissioner, this represents how he wishes to proceed.
                     First, the primary reason for the mural was to engage children Friday. Jaye will work on developing an art engagement program for the day. The preferred scenario is to bring in this particular artist who would work with children on developing with ideas that then could be among those considered for the mural. There would be art paper and easels or canvas that would be attached to the building so they could paint their ideas. Jaye has some backup ideas if this doesn’t prove doable.
                     The second part of the plan is that Colleen will announce a community-input process for the mural. Jaye provided Colleen with advice on how such processes normally work and will help her craft a plan. Colleen will lay out a timeline on when there will be a community input meeting, when a choice will be made and when a second event will be held to paint the mural. We might not have specific dates, but we will try to be as specific as possible.
                     The commissioner hopes that by following this two-part plan, we can have both a very engaged event Friday that includes an arts component as well as have a mural added to the park that the entire community supports.
      Scott Wyman
      Assistant to the City Commissioner
      Commissioner Dean Trantalis – District 2
      100 N. Andrews Ave.
      Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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