Darndest Duck Dilemma Done!

     Update ! ….. It was a short and sweet message over the weekend from the Fort Lauderdale Building Department head Valerie Bohlander.

     “No need to call me back Tim, just calling to tell you the ducks will be gone on Monday”. 

     Bohlander was talking about the Muscovey Ducks, and all those ducklings, that have invaded a Fort Lauderdale neighborhood, and are being fed by the neighborhood duck lady. I didn’t call her back, but the neighborhood has now been informed and are grateful.

     Neighbor Lark Lensel remarked ” OMG, I’m putting away the pressure cleaner!”

     The neighbors are on the lookout this morning to see just how the removal will happen. This is one Vision that comes to mind.


     You see, the Federal Government recently changed the rules and no longer protects the Muscovey, native to Mexico. The new rule allows for “destroying the adults and their eggs”. But then what?

     That question brought this thought to my head – 

                                                       actual Muscovey entree

     I’ll never trust another chicken dish!


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