Hodge Podge

     Here’s an Update on a few more stories we’ve been following….

     New City Manager Lee Feldman has been on the job over two weeks now, and all the City problems are not solved yet! Come on Lee!
     But to be fair, word has it that his car has basically not moved out of the special City Manager Parking Spot at City Hall since he arrived, and he has already solved some minor blow-ups that I know of, so I still have high hopes! 

     Former Interim Manager ( long interim!) Alyson Love resigned from the City after an over two decade career, startling many. But some insiders say things were beginning to fall apart at City Hall, and some speculate that the City was on auto pilot the last few months.

     I called City Hall the last few days to speak to Alyson, but I think she’s somewhere in the south of France !!

     Former to the former City Manager Love,  George Gretsas is still City Manager in Homestead, and many are saying new manager Feldman is in nearly 180 degrees different in style and philosophy. Many say that will be a relief!
     On to the unsolved Homeless/Vagrant feedings in Stranahan Park fiasco, no news is – well, – no news!

     A weekly memo now comes out religiously that says “there will not be a meeting of the Homeless Task Force this week. The new administration is looking at options, according to Cate McCaffrey, who is spearheading the effort for the city.

     To tangle the issue further, the homeless feeding group Food Not Bomb’s parent organization, has been gettting help from a Computer Hacking Attack Group that is fouling up websites in Orlando to protest that City’s aggressive policies aimed at curtailing the feedings.

     Our Fort Lauderdale chapter of the Food Not Bombs group’s headquarters is located in the neighborhood of South Middle River. The group’s home, lovingly called the Swamp House, pictured above, still hasn’t replaced a broken- out front window, and neighborhood President Sal Gatanio says ” it’s a mess”.


     Lastly, the City has asked you all for ideas for a name for the Fort Lauderdale Vision project getting underway. Here’s their Press Release about it – 

City of Fort Lauderdale Seeks Public Input to
Name Citywide Visioning Initiative

 Residents Encouraged to Submit Ideas To Brand Project

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL– It’s time to get involved in Fort Lauderdale’s future. Now through July 13, the City encourages residents, visitors and local businesses to send in their ideas for a name for the citywide visioning initiative. There is no limit to the number of ideas that can be submitted. To suggest names for the visioning initiative, please send an email to visioning@fortlauderdale.gov or call (954) 828-4743. 

     The City is compiling a list of the suggested names YOU SEND IN, and will ask the City Advisory Board tasked with advising the City Commission on the effort to pair the list down to the Final Four, which you will vote on sometime soon. 
     Here’s the list the City has so far, but GET YOUR IDEAS IN !!

Imagine Fort Lauderdale
Leading the Way, Fort Lauderdale
Future in Focus: Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale: Forever Looking Forward
Fort Lauderdale: Seeing the Future, Today
Livable. Lovable. Fort Lauderdale.
Fort Lauderdale: Finding a vision for tomorrow, today
First forever … Fort Lauderdale
Staying first forever, Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale, Forward Focused
Future forward … Fort Lauderdale
Future focused, Fort Lauderdale
Everything Under the Sun, Fort Lauderdale
Foundation for the Future, Fort Lauderdale
Planning today for tomorrow, Fort Lauderdale
Vision for a Better Tomorrow 
Fort Lauderdale – Raise the Bar !
Vision Fort Lauderdale – Dream it, Do it !
Fort Lauderdale – Our City, Our Vision
Fort Lauderdale – First and Foremost
Fort Lauderdale – Comprehensive Accountability Plan
Vision Fort Lauderdale 2011
P.L.A.N. -Proposed Logical Action Now 


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