Duck Lady Helps Muscovies Invade Neighborhood

     Those Muscovie ducks are precious little babies …….


– and then they start pooping –                                                    

It’s happening in Middle River Terrace, and the Duck Lady that is feeding them has her neighbors quite distraught.


     By day, they hang out in her carport, plopping mostly on her nice paver driveway. Then just before dusk ……


      …….  they move to the street, where people that live far away from the action ( and the poo) drive to the ducks and feed them. Some area driveways are goo covered messes.

     The neighborhood association has reported it to Code in the letter below –


I’m not sure if this is actually a violation but it was brought up by several residents at the last Middle River Terrace meeting.

The residents at this house have been feeding (food/water dishes in first picture) the Muscovyducks on a regular basis for several months. They’ve apparently raised two clutches of babies.

Since they stay at the house people have started walking/driving by to watch and feed the ducks. The babies do not have their natural fear of humans or dogs.

Points raised:
They are invasive animals so we’re not sure they can even be fed
Each duck produces 1/3 pound of feces a day so there is a fly problem on the street
The females raised will come back and lay eggs in the same area so this problem will exponentially increase

As an association we very respectful of wildlife and happy to live in an area so abundant. However we must balance the health and well-being of all our residents.

Please let us know how to proceed. 

     I’ll let you know what the City does !

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