Chief Adderley Cleared

     Fort Lauderdale’s Office of Professional Standards has cleared Fort Lauderdale’s Police Chief Frank Adderley of wrong doing, in relation to the accident involving Scott Rothstein friend Moe Sohail.

                                                              Chief Adderley

An investigation was started after a picture emerged showing Adderley standing with convicted swindler Rothstein on the sidelines of the violent August crash.  

                                                Adderley in background with Rothstein 

The investigation concluded that there was ” no evidence of misconduct on the part of Chief Adderley” in relation to the accident scene.

     Adderley admits he got a call from Rothstein informing him that their mutual friend, cigar shop         owner Moe Sohail had been involved in a crash on NE 3rd Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Adderley testified that he had been just blocks away and arrived at the scene quickly, concerned about his friend.

     Thirty three witnesses were questioned including 15 Public Safety personnel and other bystanders and none testified that Adderley “interfered or directed” the accident investigation.

      One unsolved question is the report from Fire Lt. Connor that testified seeing “upwards of a half dozen stacks of cash  on the passenger floor of the crashed Bentley. Conner reported seeing Sohail pick up the cash and put it in a white bag. No other witness reported seeing the cash, though reports verified that the Bentley had left a bank prior to the crash.

     Adderley says he was “confident” that he would be cleared in the crash investigation, as he had “done nothing wrong“.



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