Humor Me ?

   I’ve been gone.

     You see, I’m allergic to bad weather, (whether too hot or too cold!)

                                                      no tan beach!   

     So when balmy Fort Lauderdale headed to record freezing temperatures last week, I headed

South of the border ….  Cancun, Mexico – 

I had talked the wife (Cindy) into a four day educational / research trip.

     The trip had only two simple objectives –

Find the lost Mayan tribe of Tullum

                    *  Define current Mexican

     Objective #1 – The ancient Mayan villagers of Tullum mysteriously disappeared somewhere around 1500 AD. The people just disappeared into thin air. No explanation for it has ever been found. I figured I’d go find them!

                                                        the Ruins of Ancient Tullum  

     I’d like to report that I hiked through the jungle for days, beating back malaria filled mosquitoes and bands of indigenous Indians, but that’d be a stretch.

     Actually, with a fairly good tour map and a two hour bus ride – there it was! 

     Now, if I could just find those darn Tallumians!

     I looked everywhere, under every rock (and there’s a lot of rocks there!) But they were nowhere to be found!

     I decided to hike down the cliffs to the Caribbean Sea to see if they were hiding there.

     Nope, no Mayans there!  I interviewed some locals on the beach to see if they had any info.

                                                               local interviewee!   

     So, then Cindy suggested ( rather strongly!) that I move quickly over to 

          Objective #2
– Mexican culture. Quite interesting. I decided to get up close and personal with it.
                                             Mexican sensation – three guys and a gringo!

Now, all that research work can really work up and appetite, and, after all, food and beverages are culture!

                                            education and research purposes only

So I’m back home and declare my trip a 50% success. I didn’t find the Ancient tribe, but I found plenty of Mexican culture.

     Maybe I’ll return someday if it gets really cold here again – if I can only remember how to find that sensational Cantina!  


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