“No Crap Jack”

     Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler has had about enough of some of Fort Lauderdale’s zaniest citizens.

                                                                                       Mayor Seiler

    Local politics can be difficult, and stepping in as Mayor of Fort Lauderdale after 25 years of Jim Naugle must make it that much harder.

     Naugle did little, but he did suffer his citizenry, regardless of their insane rantings. Naugle would smile,  thank them for their input, and shake their hand (unless they were gay, then he’d do the above, but wash well afterwards!)

     Seiler just can’t do it. 

     The Sun-Sentinel reported today about a terse back and forth with beach Hi-Rise resident and anti-Hi-Rise activist Mel Rubenstein. To see that, read Brittany Wallman’s blog at http://weblogs.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/broward/blog/2010/02/mayor_seiler_to_beach_resident.html .

     Now, Seiler has had about enough of Earl Rynerson, who unsuccessfully ran for Mayor against Seiler, and has made it his business to jab at Seiler at every turn. Here’s what Jack wrote back to Rynerson supporter Ray Dettman this week.
     “Earl’s political website is always spreading false information about our City and our Commission, and you (along with 3 or 4 others) always forward his fiction to me.  Quite simply, your friend is a frustrated former candidate for public office (losing and receiving 15% of the vote after spending a hundred thousand dollars of your own money will cause that frustration) and he has a bad habit of publishing incorrect, inaccurate, and misleading stories about our City.  Most people know Earl’s history and thus ignore his emails and website, but it seems there are still 4 or 5 of you who continue to follow him despite the facts.   

Best wishes, and have a Super Sunday!”


     By my count, Fort Lauderdale has at least 100 or so more wingnuts – could be a long three – term run for Seiler!


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