Burnin Down the House

…..  So I went down to the Middle River Terrace Park this morning to let the FDEP ( Florida Department of Environmental Protection) into the historic Annie Beck House, as we are letting them set up their base as they check to see if the park has unacceptable limits of arsenic in the soil  ….




But when I got there, a bigger story emerged !  …. ( I’ll get to the arsenic story in the next post)  …..




…………   Turns out, somebody tried to set the historic Annie Beck House on fire !!!


…..    The arsenic investigators saw the arson evidence  first – “hey guy,”, they yelled to me shortly after arriving to begin their arsenic investigation  …. ” looks like somebody tried to burn this place down out here!”   …..  They were out at the back steps of the house, and this is what they saw –




The rag was shoved in the hole and set on fire.  ….It looked like it started to burn pretty good, a rather large black charred step as the evidence….  Acting Fire Marshall Jeff Lucas and Fire Inspector Ray Cicero arrived quickly to begin the investigation.




Cicero spotted this crack baggie just under the burnt step – and Lucas said it looked like it started to burn but “maybe it started raining” and that put out the fire.


They put the rag/etc. in evidence cans and took them for analysis. The Police Officer took a report and they all drove away.


……Sheesh, what a morning!

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      1. it’s a natural kind of thing……being an asshole, you see….
        not sure if you know “crafty” but people have lived under that house, they’ve stolen the security cameras almost as soon as they were installed and the good ol’ neighborhood crack smokers hang around there all the time…..I wasn’t actually referencing the house as a turd but the neighborhood as a whole. i’m thinking maybe you, crafty would like to hang out in the dark at night and protect the house….then you’ll see how the other half lives…..

  1. Never a dull moment huh Tim(i’ll say). Tim did you happen to see Tuesday agenda. CR_1-. This is in reference to Comm.Trantalis wanting reimbursement for the legal fees he had to pay to defend himself w/ the Ethic invesigation pertaining to him and his ex-lover Richard Smith. I am getting calls on this agenda item. When I contact the State Att. Off. and they state in refernce if Comm.Trantalis is under investigation I get(you ready) “we cannot confirm or deny that a n investigation is currently under way etc”. So until we can get a straight answer on this issue I am recommending that this item be deferered. 780.00 dollars , will see..

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