Poison of Two Kinds

….. This will be a double header about two types of poison ….


….    First, the non-political kind, arsenic –



…. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection swooped into the Middle River Terrace Park last week, with their poison finding digging machine (above).


…… The State came  to see if arsenic, discovered on the property next door, had leached underground into the park.

It’s still unclear of any dangers the underground arsenic could cause, but the City is advising residents not to eat the mangoes, just in case !




……  Here is a bowl of samples collected during the two day poison investigation. The State says it will take about 45 days until we know the outcome …. I’ll let you know  …


…. The second poison is political …..  do you know the latin root for politics? …..  poli (meaning many)  … and tics (meaning blood sucking insects)!

…. Never has latin seemed to make as much sense to me as in the actions of the giant political lawyer – Bill Scherer.




…. Scherer is arguably the most connected lawyer in the County, and has a penchant for suing the system when it benefits his political friends.

…  Fortunately, this week, he was overruled, (once again), by a Court outside of his territory – ( Broward County).  This time, Scherer had sued to open the August Democratic County Commission primary to Republicans, which insiders said could help his longtime friend, Charlotte Rodstrom, in her second attempt to get on the County Commission.  [ The Rodstroms, though registered Democrats, have long held ties to the Republican party.]


c and john


….  Scherer also unsuccessfully sued to overturn term limits ( a few years back), which would have allowed his friend John Rodstrom tostay on the County Commission.

….. This latest Scherer defeat could mean another expensive special election, with we taxpayers holding the bag (once again) …..

  shameful !



6 Replies to “Poison of Two Kinds”

  1. Tim,

    Are you saying that the arsenic could leach underground over to the park and dare say . . . the property north of the park? Didn’t Rodstrom and that daft neighbor lady help that developer scoop in and buy that property from under the 13th Street Alliance.

    I seem to remember going to the County Commission to stop the park extension when Char was trying to get her seat on the City Commission back. It was like Char didn’t want Dean to get credit.

    Wow she is costing the taxpayers a special election AGAIN? By the way, has Char moved up to Coconut Creek yet? What a dirty rotten scoundrel!

  2. sorry tim, not big on politics these days………
    but the park…..the park, so the city is advising citizens to not eat the mangos……
    that being asked after the mango season after which many different folks were up in the mango trees, knocking the fruit to the ground daily during mango season…..some great planning……ATF….
    PS. maybe they should start looking into the tailor on the corner who does “dry cleaning”…..
    does he need a special permit?????

  3. News broke yesterday – Rodstrom and Scherer are costing the taxpayers $400,000 for special elections to fill the County District 2 seat (which will go unfilled for months). Sound familiar? Charlotte Rodstrom screwed the City residents the same way with our District 2!

  4. As far as att.Scherer being the “other poison” I have to tell you Tim the real poison is the elections supervisor now charging the taxpayer over 400 grand fo county comm. district 2 race. I mean look at her pattern here. First she charged us here in Ft.lau over 2oog for a district election(one district(2). Now because Dr.snipes thinks i’ll show the the “Grand wizard”(Mr.Scherer) who’s boss. I’ll charge the taxpayer almost a 1/2 mill. Then some of you will say its all the canidates fault(in the race). No way. Their is a pattern here Dr.Snipes. Meaning you don’t like being hauled into court(too bad)so because the Grand Wizard, you’ll shake us down(1/2mill). So for some of you to state its all the canidates doing think again. It wasn’t Bill Scherer who put the write in canidate in. So now to inconvience the district 2(county) residents dr.Snipes wants to have the election in Dec. Then followed by the general in Jan. I said “winner take all in the special, and then goes up against the write in”. No, no.no Robert Dr.Snipes “needs to get even”, so she can charge whatever she wants to inconvience the canidates. For the last time Dr.Snipes go after the “Grand wizard” w/ your own money not ours.1/2 mill so Diane Carrol here(who do you think-Snipes) can get even. Bullshit lady…….

  5. Mr. Scherer should pay that $400,000 as well as the $780 the City of Fort Lauderdale just approved for attorney fees because of his frivolous lawsuit against a sitting commissioner (which proved to be unfounded, of course).

    Robert, how much do you think the SOE should be charging? She isn’t the one putting people up as write-ins to assuage the vote, or filing lawsuits, nor is she the one making commissioners resign their seats for bigger and better things thereby creating a vacancy that requires a special election. Don’t blame the messenger.

  6. you guys are flogging the dead horse……
    nothing will change until we overtake the government and start new……

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