Big Name about to Jump in Mayoral Race?

     It’s been a long time since Fort Lauderdale had a Mayor other than Jim Naugle. A long, long time! 

      Naugle joined the City Commission in 1985 and was elected Mayor in 1991. He has served longer than any Mayor in the history of the City (six consecutive terms). Naugle is finally term-limited due to the term limit law that was proposed by me in 1997, (everybody say thank you Tim!) and passed into law by referendum of the Citizens. The term-limit law passed by about 80 %. 

     The election for the new Mayor is early next year, and has already drawn two big name candidates – Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson, and State Representative Jack Seiler. Also in the race is lesser known attorney Steve Rossi, and a handful of others have told friends that they are considering running.

     Now it looks like another big name is about to get in.

                        former City Commissioner Dean Trantalis

     Trantalis served only one term as Commissioner of District II and it looked like he’d had enough of Politics, but I had been hearing rumors. Rather than hunt Dean down by phone, I just walked into his Law Office on Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors a few days ago. I asked if Dean was in, and a voice rang out of his office …” Go Away”. He recognized my voice! And there was little chance of me going away! We talked for awhile and he told me he had been seriously exploring getting in the Mayor’s race. Dean’s official response to my question follows:

       “I have been speaking with numerous friends and advisors as to the purpose and viability of my running for a position on the City Commission. As the political landscape continues to evolve, and as we identify what goals this city has the power and opportunity to achieve, I am reviewing what role I might play in this process.” 



     Trantalis’s entry into the race would surely change the dynamics of the race. Some of his former supporters have already committed to either Huchinson or Seiler, and it’s not certain if they would jump ship and support Dean.

     Damn it’s a good year to be a Political Blogger!

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