Citizen Snubbing Update !

     The Citizen’s proposal is on life support.


     Which is an improvement from last week!
     You will remember that the Citizens had banded together and worked on a proposal to make changes to the Development Code (all the rules for building anything in Fort Lauderdale), that would make the next bunch of homes and townhouses that get built fit better into the neighborhoods. The Committee was a broad spectrum of all the Citizens, about 100 of them. 

They met for over a year, and worked out a plan…… a great plan!

     The proposal wound it’s way to the City Commission for consideration.

     They liked it, sent it to staff.

     They hated it, stalled it, moved it around in circles.

     Another year later, it finally arrived back at the Commission, and the Commission was to pick a consultant to study it ( Caution: watching government work can be painful!).

     They didn’t pick the consultant. They squashed it without comment.

     The Citizens were about to revolt! And it’s an election year.

     At the next meeting, Commissioner Teel brought it back to the Commission for reconsideration.

     It got tabled until the next meeting! Are you dizzy yet? Maybe that’s the point!

     Stay Tuned ! (if you dare).

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