Big Beach Buildings … Part II

     Last weeks’ unanimous vote by the Fort Lauderdale City Commission for the new beachfront mega-hotel  “Ocean Wave”,  has many of the citizens wondering just what is going on. The picture is starting to get a little clearer.

     The unanimous vote seemed odd due to the “Read My Lips”  declarations of at least three of the Commissioners that the days of approvals for such buildings were over. Mayor Naugle and Commissioners Teel and Rodstrom had run on anti-beachfront development platforms and won their elections handily for doing so.

     When I wrote about that inconsistency last week, folks inside the beach’s political structure called and wrote to help me understand. They say that to find out why politicians change their minds, go peek at the minds of their bosses, John Q. Public.

     Some beachfolk tell me that the Central Beach Alliance is trying to change their image. The organization has been known for years for their fierce stands against beach high-rises, although nearly all of their members live in beach high-rises. Some told me that the souring economy has many worried that the progress made in removing the decrepid buildings of yesteryear on the beach will ACTUALLY STOP !

     Then their are the cynics! One beach condo leader tells me that the changes in opinions are more sinister. He says that the supreme leader, Steve Glassman, has his eye on political office himself and is making nice with the development community to help him in a future run. Glassman has been spotted dining with at least one local developer. Glassman says he is amused and flattered.  The same insider postulated that there may be others within the organization with “undeclared interests”

     May the games begin!

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