Mayoral Candidate Steve Rossi – he’s looking at you !

     He’s Steve Rossi, and he’s a member of an elite club; “Candidates for Fort Lauderdale Mayor” . There are two others besides Steve that are already declared, Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson and Representative Jack Seiler.  And at least two others are exploring getting in the race, local businessman Earl Rynerson, and former City Commissioner John Aurelius.

     Steve would be one of the relatively total unknowns in this mayoral race, if it weren’t for bus benches, bus shelters and billboards . As you see here, Steve’s serious looking mug is staring at us daily at any number of intersections around the City, the County, even the State. His firm estimates that his likeness resides in over 100 locations, including billboards as far away as Sebring and Key West. It’s a big part of his marketing strategy for his Law Firm, and Rossi figures it might just serve his mayoral efforts as well.


      And Rossi will need the additional exposure, and more, as the other two declared candidates are very well known politicos. Undaunted, Rossi says that might be a positive for him, as the country “seems to be in a mood for change”.
     I spoke with Steve by phone yesterday in a tightly scheduled phone conference. He appears extremely organized and disciplined, and apologized for calling 11 minutes late. He schedules his day like a surgeon, and stopped a few times during the interview to leave himself reminders to check on issues that we talked about.

     But with all the structure, Steve isn’t all that opinionated. He say’s he likes meeting people and “asking them what they think”. He says he is a “sponge” for information. 

     He has formed an opinion on current Mayor Jim Naugle, (who hasn’t ?). He says that he doesn’t know him personally, but that ” it would be nice to have a mayor that doesn’t create controversy”. On City Manager Gretsas, he says he doesn’t know enough yet to comment.

     Steve says he is starting his campaign in earnest soon, and expects to be at all the usual forums, where citizens will actually be able to put a voice to the bus bench pictures!


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