Attorney Scherer Dunderheadish ?

     Update :

     Term Limits – will they stay or go for our County Commissioners ? And what do all the current County Commissioners have to say about it all ? …. ( their opinions in just a minute).

      Broward County Commission
      Here’s the story… 

   ……there is currently an assault on the Term Limit law for County Commissioners, which was passed by over 80% of the voters in Broward County in 2000. 

     …….the assault is being led by local, infamous attorney Bill Scherer, who is attempting to take his recent loss at the Fourth District Court of Appeals to the Florida Supreme Court. Scherer’s legal actions, if successful,  would allow some soon-to-be term- limited politicians at the County to stay on – maybe forever!


     ……. a grass roots citizens’ campaign has been started, to remind any politicians that back Scherer in the dismantling term limits, that the citizens are watching. You can sign on to the effort at

    [ Scherer recently told the Sun-Sentinel that the citizens’ campaign to protect term limits was nincompoopish!  …. nincompoopish! …. So, in an effort to fight fire with fire ( although admittedly childish fire),  we have officially decreed Scherer’s legal actions as dunderheadish, ( we considered boobish, half-witish, ignoramusish, and oafish, but settled on dunderheadish). 

     Here’s the position of each County Commissioner 

 Mayor Gunzburger
is retiring in 2014, but supports term limits. She says ” the voters have spoken by an overwhelming majority and wish to have term limits for their elected officials”.

 Commissioner Wexler – ” I fully support term limits and have every intention of personally abiding by the will of the people”.

  Commissioner LaMarca – ” This is clearly something that the citizens of Broward County wanted when 4 out of 5 citizens voted to support term limits. I support Term limits and the will of the people wholeheartedly. For anyone to continue the legal fight tells me that there is something else to be gained here”.

 Commissioner Ritter – ” I will abide by the term limits imposed by the charter, regardless of the outcome of the litigation”.

 Commissioner Holness – ” the people have spoken by the tally of their votes cast. It is Loud and Clear. The people want term limits. I oppose the current efforts being made to repeal the desire and will of the Broward County voter”.

 Commissioner Jacobs – Jacobs supports the term limit law, but says a shorter term would cause her pause. She thinks the whole issue of how we elect our officials should be comprehensively debated, including campaign financing.

 Commissioner Sharief – she’s out on a personal family matter and couldn’t be reached

 Commissioner Lieberman – I’m thinking of filing a missing persons report on Lieberman.

     I called her office repeatedly, e-mailed, etc., but no one could tell me where she was or what her position on term limits is, or how I could find out. She will be term limited out of office soon if the Scherer lawsuit is unsucessfull.

     I googled Lieberman to see if I could find a public opinion she might have given on term limits, but was distracted by the Google offering – Commissioner Ilene Lieberman corruption , that produced 330,000 entries ( I’m not kidding here!).

 Commissioner Rodstrom – he is opposed to term limits for Broward County, but says he didn’t instigate Scherer’s actions. Though this will be his last term if limits are upheld (he’s served since 1992), Rodstrom says he might run again if they are overturned.

     His wife Charlotte, pictured here with John, says she might run for that County seat or the Fort Lauderdale Mayor’s position, should one of them become available.


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