Term Limit Appeal Returned as Faulty!

     Amazing development on William Scherer’s ongoing saga attempting to overturn our Broward County term limit law!

                                            the man

     You’ll remember, we just told you that Scherer filed his brief with the Florida Supreme Court, after losing his case at the Fourth District Court of Appeals. 

     But let’s not forget that he initially won his case to overturn term limits. but that was locally, in front of his buddy Jim Naugle’s wife – appointed Judge, Judge Carol Lisa Naugle.

     And lastly (this is important to the story!), Scherer said the grass roots effort, SaveBrowardTermLimits.com was nincompoopish!  

     Turns out, Scherer’s filing to the Supreme Court was rejected by the Court for mistakes in the filing ! Here’s the Court’s rejection note to Scherer …

“Petitioner’s jurisdictional brief, which was filed with this Court on September 1, 2011, does not comply with Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.210 and is hereby stricken. Petitioner is hereby directed, on or before September 29, 2011, to serve an amended jurisdictional brief which includes a Summary of Argument and shall not exceed ten pages in length.”

The nincompoop is expected to fix his filing and resubmit!

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