Let’s Stop Their Effort to Get Rid Of Term Limits

     I’m outraged!

     As if politicians don’t have a bad enough reputation already, it appears that some County politicians, through their attorneys, are trying hard to kill off Broward County term limits!

The voters passed the term limit law by about 80%, an amazing number,  a few years back.
In case you haven’t followed the ugly story, possibly the most connected attorney to Broward County politicians, Bill Scherer, has been suing to overturn term limits for those very same politicians.
  Commissioner Connected Attorney Scherer

      First, Scherer argued in front of Broward County Judge Naugle ( yes, former term limited Mayor Jim’s wife). And, hold on to your seat here, she found in Scherer’s favor and ditched the term limits !!

     Then, the County Attorney appealed to the 4th District Court of Appeals and Judge Naugle was overturned. Finished ? – no way. 

      Scherer and his secret clients aren’t giving up that easy. Too much at stake! 

                                      not so secret client?

     They say they intend on taking it to the Florida Supreme Court to reditch the term limit law ! 

So I say it’s time for the citizens to fight back! 


     An initial web site is up – SaveBrowardTermLimits.com , strategies are being developed. We shouldn’t take this one lying down.

                     Sign in and –

                                     Join the Fight !



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