and the Survey Says, …huh?

     District 1……

     ….   the Election Poll Results are in ! …..

     It’s where the haves live. No Poverty. Very little crime.   

     District 1  covers the northern portion of the City, and has neighborhoods with names like “Bay Colony”, “Imperial Point”, and “Coral Ridge Country Club Estates”.
     So who’s running strong Tim ?,  you ask….

     Well, as I’ve already mentioned in earlier posts, Candidate Nobody is also ahead in District 1. 
I can say that because our data shows that more than half of those “Super Voters”  that were polled chose either “no opinion” or “don’t know them”,  on one or more of the candidates.

     But there are also some trends and interesting tidbits at work in District 1.

     First , it’s clear that the incumbent, Commissioner Christine Teel  is the most well known name on the ballot. She came in with a healthy 81% name recognition of District I voters. But former Police Chief Bruce Roberts, who was in the news quite often himself over the years, polled a respectable name recognition of 62%. The third candidate, local condo lawyer Inger Garcia, trailed way back at 35%. 

      The findings in District 1 were somewhat unusual. 


      Commissioner Teel had more “Hard Negatives” .This is a response of 1 ( on a scale of 1 to 5). Teel was at 24%, Roberts at 6%, and Garcia at 22%.  

     Conversely, although less people were willing or able to rate Garcia at all, of the ones that did, she won the “Hard Positives” ( 5  on a scale of 1 to 5)  with 33%, compared to Roberts at 19%, and Teel at 14%.

     Roberts blew away the field with a generally positive rating of nearly 90%, but Teel still had the highest percentage of “persuadable” voters, coming in at 43%, compared to Roberts at 37%, and Garcia at 11%.

     It was difficult, if not impossible to draw strong conclusions in this race, as the numbers often seemed at cross purposes, but it seems apparent that Teel has some explaining to do in order to be reelected. 

    ………………  OK, I’ll be back with the District II results real soon!…..




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