Rodstrom/Glassman Horserace Neck and Neck

     Now this one looks close!

     It pits City Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom, wife of County Commissioner John Rodstrom, against the Central Beach Alliance President Steven Glassman. A third candidate, businessman Howard Elfman is trailing somewhere back in the pack.
                    Rodstrom and Rodstrom                                            

The ironic thing about this race is that Glassman was instrumental in Rodstrom’s triumph to the Commission seat just three years ago. In that race, Glassman and other beach activists turned out an enormous beach vote for Rodstrom and she came from behind to beat Jon Albee in the General Election. Glassman now says “he was wrong”. In his campaign appearances, he says that Rodstrom is ineffective and divisive, and says she needs to go.

     But Rodstrom is part of a political dynasty, a winning one, and all stops seem to be being pulled to orchestrate her re-election. Husband John is raking in the dough for her and Rodstrom is bicycling her way across the District stomping for votes.

     Here’s what our survey showed”

     It’s close.

     First off, Rodstrom has gigantic name recognition in her District at 94%, where Glassman is only at 45%. He will need to reach far more “Super Voters” by Election Day in order to win.  Rodstrom’s Positive Number is 67% and Glassman’s is 58%, but Glassman’s “hard positives” (the die-hard supporters) is 50%, where Rodstrom’s “hard positives” fall slightly behind at 48%. 

     On the negative side, Rodstrom’s “hard negatives” (folks that will probably vote against her no matter what) is at a troubling 17%, compared to Glassman’s 7%.

     Elfman doesn’t seem to have made an impact yet, with a name recognition at only 22%.

     This is a race to watch!




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