District IV Results Revealing

       The District IV Commissioner race might be a sign of a changing City. 

     Four political neophytes have filed to run for the seat, currently occupied by term – limited  Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson.  

The District, which covers most of the south side of the City, was represented by Commissioner Jim Naugle from 1985 to 1991. There are more Fort Lauderdale “natives” living there than any other District. It’s highly traditional – conservative. They even have a mandated historic neighborhood in the District, with bungalows built near the turn of the century.

     So when the 2009 race sported a favorite son, who’s Uncle was a famous local State Representative, you might expect him to be a shoe in.

     But maybe not.

     The “native” is local lawyer Romney Rogers. 

     This weekend’s poll showed Rogers with a 52% name recognition, the highest among the four competitors. But his “positive” ratings, among those who knew of him well enough to rate him, were only  56%.
     What’s most interesting is that we also generated poll numbers about some current politicians, and Jim Naugle’s “Hard Negative” number in District IV was nearly identical to Rogers “Hard Negative” number, at 32% . “Hard Negatives” and “Hard Positives” are considered quite intractable. Could be that Romney is being swept up in the negative coat tails of the current Mayor ?  

     One competitor, local lawyer Coleman Prewitt, though lesser known than Rogers at a 44% name recognition, reached a surprisingly high “positive” rate, among those who knew of him well enough to rate him, of 89%. Prewitt’s Positive rating tied Jack Seiler’s as the highest in the entire poll. Seems that when people get to know him, they like him.
     Local lawyer Jim Lewis also generated a name recognition rating of 44%, but his positive rating was only at 40%.

     Local businessman George Trodella, who very recently entered the race, chalked up a 17% name recognition, and is not yet showing support.

     I’ll be adding the other District’s poll outcomes next, some VERY INTERESTING  things to come.



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