A Few Notes

     It’s going to be a great season for blogging …..  I’m going to be having more fun then ever writing this blog, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it ( and sending in your comments!) 

      I want to thank you all for checking in often, and I want share a few things with you about the blog!

me ( at 16)


         First, I don’t make any money off this blog. None…Nada…Zip !  .. I could, but I don’t. The motives and opinions for each and every story are mine, and I like to keep it that way. In most blogs, you’ll see ads for candidates, movies, products etc. ( Buddy Nevins has Tide Detergent this week! – wonder if they pay him in soap?)

     Second,  The readership of this blog has grown in leaps and bounds since I started in 2008 …. I’ve written 311 posts, ( 194,628 words… yikes, how many words in War and Peace?) and most months I average close to 15,000 people reading the blog.
                             Here is a chart of this weeks views

      You’ve commented on the posts 2524 times. The most prolific commenters over the four years are Anonymous ( many different chickens), with 656, Rita with 156, Ray with 146, Charlie with 127, and Valigator with 93….

      Your favorite posts ( at least the most read) were the piece with Commissioner Rogers head on Adam’s body ( I think it went viral with the Baptists) – over 10,000 hits

                Cal Deal’s masterpiece

 At the Beach With Calvin
– 7927 views –  ( a crazy interview with the 500 pound homeless black man that lives on the sand at the beach and lives for Sausage McMuffins),

  ….   and the ripping story of Kathy, who wanted her story told of the homeless vagrant that raped and nearly murdered her (7429 views).

     Lastly, I want you to know that if you want to be notified when I post something new, just click on this orange subscribe sign you see on the left of each post
( 115 people already do that)  …

      and fill out the form. It doesn’t cost anything.

                                                   Thanks …
                             me …   as I like to think I look now !

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